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Need a new camper? Meet the EarthRoamer XV-HD Luxury Overland Vehicle.

Over a decade ago, when EarthRoamer made its first debut appearance with a registered business name, everyone thought that the company would die its own death. Statistics suggested that there were already far too many camper vehicles out there, and it would take a miracle even to make it to the first sale! “It is a cool idea, but I don’t think that anyone would want to buy your cars,” this was one of those comments that the CEO admittedly heard a couple of times when he came up with the idea of a camper in the first place.Earthroamer Xvhd Luxury Overland Vehicle 503However, it all changed when the first vehicle came out. People loved these campers, and they wanted more – so much so that the manufacturer is currently taking orders for EarthRoamer XV-HD Camper series. It is the latest in line, highly expensive, but far better than its predecessors. All the other campers and trailers on the market don’t come anywhere close to the XV-HD.

Let’s do the math here for a second. The base EarthRoamer XV-LT model, which is built on a Ford F-550 chassis, averages around $280,000 – i.e. if you do not want any additional interior and exterior modifications. However, the company upsells up to $400,000 and beyond. What’s even more interesting is that so far EarthRoamer guys have sold over 150 modded units. Multiply $280,000 or $400,000 with 150 and you’ll get a whole lot of revenue for cars that were supposedly doomed!Earthroamer Xvhd Luxury Overland Vehicle 504

The Good Stuff about the EarthRoamer XV-HD Camper:

  • Modded ground-up version of Ford F-750 Chassis.
  • Features EarthRoamer™ quiet solution engine and generator combo. The XV-HD hardly makes any noise, unless and until the car’s stuck in mud and you are pushing the accelerator down the floor.
  • Fully resistant to weather conditions, climatic changes etc.
  • Company installed rooftop solar array for energy storage.
  • Up to 20,000-watt hour lithium ion battery bank!
  • Intelligent, self-sufficient hydraulic leveling mechanism.
  • Luxury interiors with custom designed decorations and usage items.
  • Additional floor plans are available for further customization options.
  • Over 100 Gallons storage capacity for Blackwater and Graywater reserves.

For those who are concerned whether EarthRoamer camper trucks are a prototype, they should consider the water storage compartments. Prototypes mostly focus on primary features; the visuals and design elements. As far as water supply is concerned, it is neglected until the last minute because prototype manufacturers don’t want to overspend on extra features. And just in case if you didn’t know what the term: Blackwater is, it hardly has to do anything with the water color.

Let’s just say that all the human waste material, yes, the fecal possession coming out of your “rear end” is mixed in a water soluble base and stored in the XV-HD containers. Likewise, gray water is sort of an environmentally friendly water that is partitioned in another container in the vehicle.  You have the option of dumping this water reserve for the benefit of plants and shrubbery in the wilderness around you. Graywater is the liquid waste which is a result of on-board bathroom showers, body washing or kitchen rituals, etc. This water does not have the toxicity as that of Blackwater. Therefore, it is considered safe for environmental dumping.Earthroamer Xvhd Luxury Overland Vehicle 502By default, the F-750 chassis 4 wheel drive is not as robust as required by the EarthRoamer XV-HD team. They have to make additional modifications to make the 4WD work at optimal levels. Seeing that the camper compartment will have huge overhead weight regarding passengers and luggage, we are looking at bigger tires and high-performance engine mods. Alongside added support for weight endurance, EarthRoamer XV-HD also boasts of an air ride suspension and cool air intake system.

A camper’s worst fear is having a broken down engine in the middle of nowhere. EarthRoamer XV-HD practically takes the risk out of the equation in this regard. Beyond those cohesive looks, the vehicle itself guaranteed to last 5 years on an average of 250,000 miles. And if that’s not enough, EarthRoamer XV-HD allows for the installation of a storage area ramp (can also be used by a disabled person), a motorcycle carrier unit, accommodation capacity of up to 6 adults and external hydraulics for long lasting performance.

Last but not the least, EarthRoamer is accepting order requested for the XV-HD series camper vehicle units. You better start saving now if you wish to ride an ATRV around countryside any time soon. According to the company, current orders are in progress and should be ready by the end of this year or somewhere in 2018. You can reserve your spot for an early delivery at an advance payment. More details are available at the official EarthRoamer XV-HD website.



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