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Find a Better You with Amazon Halo Health and Wellness Tracker

If you’re thinking that 2021 will be your year, then have we got a product for you. Amazon Halo is the brand’s new wellness and health tracker designed to help you change yourself for good! Halo is a revolutionary new way to track your health, especially if you’re looking for data without a screen. 

A health and fitness tracker bundled with a subscription service, Amazon Halo is the brand’s new entry into the wellness space. It’s basically a fabric strap with a sensor inside. It’s goal is helping you use data to make definitive actions to change and improve your health. So while you get the usual suspects like sleep tracking, heart rate, and activity tracking, there’s more to it. Halo helps you “hone your health” delivering you information to give you a complete picture of your health. And if you’re a person who loves a lot of data, you’re in luck!

Amazon Halo

Halo creates a personalized picture of your body fat percentage

Health Tracking on Steroids

Amazon Halo takes the health data in a new direction. You can literally get a body fat analysis with Halo. You simply take a picture of yourself following the directions of the app, then Halo analyzes your present body fat percentage. It generates a 3D image of what you look like now and what you would look like with lower body fat. You get the usual activity tracking, but it also monitors how long you’ve been sedentary aka not moving much. It will start to deduct from your overall weekly activity score to give you a more accurate picture of your movement. Like other fitness bands, Halo features sleep tracking data. You can see how many hours you slept, how deep, etc, but also your average sleep body temperature. 

Amazon Halo App

Amazon Halo Labs

Amazon Halo app uses something called Labs, or challenges or activity with Halo partners such as Weight Watchers (WW). You can access guided meditations via Headspace, or get an at-home work from Openfit or Orange Theory Fitness. The Labs will be rotating and sometimes offer tips such as “Yoga for sharpening your mind” etc. This is certainly one thing that sets the Halo apart from other fitness trackers.

Amazon Halo App

Tone Analysis

Amazon Halo has the option to analyze your tone of voice by capturing your voice during conversations, then presents the findings to you. It will tell you if you sounded worried, overwhelmed, positive, etc.  The company says knowing these factors can help you strengthen relationships. We can certainly see how this might be useful for job interviews, talking to parents, and other stressful situations. Don’t worry, Amazon stresses it takes your privacy seriously, and also offers a way to turn off the tone analysis., plus it doesn’t upload your info to the cloud.

Amazon Halo Requirements

Amazon Halo doesn’t have a screen, therefore the Halo app is the source of all of your information. Your smartphone must be capable of running Android 7.0 or greater or iOS 12.0 or greater. Halo will not work on tablets at this time. Amazon has also stated that LG G5, LG G6, LG v20, and Sony Xperia are not compatible with Halo. 

Halo Membership

Amazon Halo Features

Amazon halo features for member vs. Non-member

Halo uses a membership for most of its programs, and you’re given access to the Halo program for free for six months upon purchase of the Halo band. The subscription service then auto-renews for $3.99 a month. Not every program is available if you opt to not cancel. You’ll still get the sleep tracking ability, but access to the health lab is limited and you lose all of the body fat analysis plus other programs. 


Amazon Halo is advertised as “swimproof” and water resistant up to 5 m. It comes in small, medium, and large with your choice of band/sensor combination: Black + Onyx, Blush + Rose Gold, or Winter + Silver. 

Find out more about Amazon Halo and purchase one today at the link below.

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