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Originally posted on January 25, 2017 @ 9:02 am

35 Funny Animals You’re Sure To Love

35 Funny Animals You’re Sure To Love.

Cue scary star wars theme.

No way.

Better call HP.

They’re scary for all species.

They did that on purpose!

I’m in my safe place.

Ok dogs aren’t that bad.

Husky photobomb.

How… just how?

Busy husky.

Translation… Get lost!

I failed at scary…

Great white spot.

It was squishy and slimy.

Sounds like a cat… but.

Not a poker face.

Yes I will forever be your loyal servant.


Just hold off on eating me.

You feeling lucky?


Come again?

Arctic besties.

That got not cute… fast.

Dinner time!

High five.

I’m not sure if my suggestion was helpful.


Guess I gotta stay home.

Creatures of habit.

Always the favorite.

Where’s your sense of smell.

Tastes a bit artificial.

About that mug…

Tiger King would be proud.


Uh yes officer… I was just um…. looking for the crosswalk.

Milk peddler.

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