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Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

Quote Of The Day 316 Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

Choice is an illusion!

Quote Of The Day 307 Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

Parental love!

Wife Was Drunk And Dressed Up The Cat Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

So did the cat!

One Dot To Rule Them All, Cats And Baby Chashing Red Dot

What do cats, dogs and babies have in common?

Funny Kitty Litter Bags

How can you argue with a hat?

Funny Bible Verse

For John it was a religious experience.

My Girlfriends Chihuahua Giving Tough Love Advice

My child…

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Why Girls Cry. Whu Women Cry


Quote Of The Day 306

So true.

Quote Of The Day 315

Oh here we go again.

Quote Of The Day 305

Remote wipe my number!

Why Are My Girlfriends Socks So Small

That’s so true!

Married Sexting

Damn that’s sexy…

Dont Drink And Prime

Drinking game…

Dads Would Be Proud. Fathers Would Be Proud. Little Biy Hunting

What a trooper!

Look At All The Friends I Got From Being Internet Famous. Funny Sound Of Music Meme

The hills are alive!

White Girls Be Like Mirror Pic. Funny Dog Taking Selfie


Quote Of The Day 304

Worth a try!

Quote Of The Day 313

Why make life complicated?

Quote Of The Day 312

Just like telling yourself you’re special!

Quote Of The Day 303

Especially if you had these noise cancelling headsets on!

When She Texts Come Over No One Is Home

Ha ha…

Justin Bieber Woke Me Up From A Coma

The Funny Beaver Out.

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