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30 Funny Texas Freeze Memes to LMAO At If It Hasn’t Frozen Off First

Texas Freeze Memes  About To Be Hit

Winter is going to hit you like a bag of bricks…or a can of Twisted Tea.

Texas Freeze Memes  Ground Hog Not Playin'

He was not. You thought the groundhog was just playing, and that winter wouldn’t be as long and harsh. You thought wrong!

Texas Freeze Memes  Trump State

Winter is pretty harsh, but it’s still going!

Texas Freeze Memes  Ice Age Meme

It’s very very very cold. Especially if you’re in that Texas freeze! 

Texas Freeze Memes  Carrying Around Snow Texas On Car Roof

Who would tailgate this car? Of course, this is likely a driving hazard.

Texas Freeze Memes  Hiding In Plain Sight

Check those cars for animals seeking warmth! You never know what you’ll find.

Texas Freeze Memes  Two Types Of People

Which one are you? Winter definitely has us feeling like our ears and our toes are froze.  We’re like walking icicles. 

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Texas Freeze Memes  Texas Differences

Doge had to seriously rethink his plans for this week, thanks to the Texas freeze. And things seemed to be going so well with the weather!

Texas Freeze Memes  Need To Have Words

She’s not lying. She may be young but she’s already over winter. 

Texas Freeze Memes  No Excuses

Got the defrost on and driving the best you can. Boss says “you still have to come to work!”

Texas Freeze Memes  Handling Winter

Blanket, cocoa, remote, Netflix. What more do you need?

Texas Freeze Memes  Ok Not Texas But New Winter Sport

Those puddles are nasty and can really get you. Watch out!

Texas Freeze Memes  Make It Stop

The South is over this winter thing. It’s going to continue!

Texas Freeze Memes  Winter Gets Texas Sized In February

February came in like a beast, and beat us up, and it isn’t done yet! And it was so mild in the beginning.

Texas Freeze Memes  Innocent Bystanders

The South is not ready for this. 

Texas Freeze Memes  The Yeti

At least he doesn’t have sandals. Makes it easier to run from the yetis.

Texas Freeze Memes  Oops

The odds were not in my favor and now everything hurts.

Texas Freeze Memes  Every Coin Has Two Sides

Exactly. Magic or WTF?! Coming soon to your Instagram feed.

Texas Freeze Memes  Drunken Weather

Nah, you can have it. We have enough to deal with up in the north. 

Texas Freeze Memes  4 Stages Of Denial

Oh no, Doge! Enjoy the snow!

Texas Freeze Memes  Garbage Can Emoji

That is a very angry garbage can who hates winter and/or snow, and can you blame it? Is this the face of all of us for winter 2021?

Texas Freeze Memes  Drink At Home And Don'T Drive

Stay home and live.

Texas Freeze Memes  Winter Surprise

Texas freeze coming in strong!

Texas Freeze Memes  Winter Sending Some Love

Texas is frozen over. Valentine’s Day is an afterthought thanks to the Texas freeze.

Texas Freeze Memes  Texas Draws The Line At Cold.

Texas is definitely upset and having some feelings. Stay strong, Texas!

Texas Freeze Memes  Texan Cars Don'T Like It

Your engine might need a little TLC!

Texas Freeze Memes  There'S No Escape

This is not what I signed up for when I moved here. Damn Texas freeze,

Texas Freeze Memes  Smile And Nod

Oh, it sounds like you have a good handle on winter, and snow memes

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