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Kanye West for President Memes Cos It’s 2020 #Kanye2020 #KanyeWest

It’s official. Nothing that happens in 2020 can come as a surprise. So we’ve had uncontrollable wildfires, global pandemic, ufo sightings, murder hornets, African dust storms that cross oceans, and now Kanye West is running for president. Yes people, if he wins, we’ll have a Kardashian as the FLOTUS! But hey, let’s look on the bright side, this is gonna turn those boring C-SPAN coverage into the most watched reality TV show. I don’t know if it’s the result of breathing in too much fireworks exhaust or bbq smoke on Independence Day, but Kanye is dead serious and he’s running for President. At least the internet is taking this with the seriousness that it’s due so check out these epic Kanye for President Memes.

Keeping Up With Kardashians White House Edition Meme

Special 4 year long episode!


Dr. Phil On Kayne For President Meme

Listen to Dr. Phil.


Its Kardashians World And Were Just Living In It.

There’s no escape.


Kanye Was Reprogrammed Meme

It’s clearly stuck in a loop.


America In The Future If Kanye President Meme

The future is now!


Kermit The Frog Reading How To Slap Someone Over Internet Meme

If only that were possible. FACEPALM!


Taylor Swift Reacts To Kanye Running For President Meme



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Everyone Reacts To Kanye For President Meme

You can’t be serious right?


Kanye For President On Coin Meme

This is where we’re headed.



Kanye West 2020 Is Really Happening Meme

It’s a new normal.


Rushmore In 2024 If Kanye Elected President Meme

Plan your next vacation now!



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