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KTM AX  Buggy Concept for Hardcore Off Road Adventures

Off road enthusiasts are more than familiar with KTM; the Austrian company is among the largest manufacturers of original design vehicles and motorbikes. Over the last couple of years, the boys at KTM have garnered a cult like following for creating some bad ass Dune Buggies, Moto GP style two wheelers and a boat load of high quality electric racecars. Obviously, where there’s a mix of off-road exploration and racing, there are other contenders in the market.

However, KTM tends to keep its high heels above the ground by creating steerable inventions which wooed the hearts of youngsters and adults alike. Picture Mad Max/ Post-Apocalyptic designs with zero tolerance for gravel, dirt and mud pockets, you are looking at a combative selection of motorcycles and cars.

The KTM AX Buggy is more or less the same thing; an off road vehicle with magnificent traction and serious visual appeal for a true enthusiast. Now the interesting thing is that the Austrian company specifically dedicated lead designer Markus Klung and Lucas Fuchs to come up with something raw and new within the confines of buggy cars. The designers joined hands with a bunch of bright heads from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz to help defy the odds in the favor of KTM loyalists.

You are looking at the final build of the KTM AX Buggy Concept car. On the outside, it features all the rugged looks and a set of chunky wheels with shock springs coiling all the way to the core. The front panel HID headlights borrow a more aggressive look from the AX series predecessors. These lights kind of go along with the theme of the car itself, but wait…

What’s more enticing is the sound of high powered four electric engines that were field tested for individual steering. Each engine propels the wheeling mechanism to withstand road obstructions, rock formations and anything that might cause the car to flip and turn over on the driver. In this regard, the lightweight frame supports safety and guarantees roll-over protection should you find yourself in an awkward upside down setting in the middle of your outdoor exploration ventures.

Rumor has it that the KTM AX Buggy Concept is not the only thing to hit the market on its release. There are 3 other designs undergoing production, which is all the more reason to start saving up cash as early as possible. Take a look yourself if you don’t want to take my word for it.

What’s super interesting is that the remaining three concept designs are not meant for land driving. Yep, you read it right. The KTM CX and KTM Barracuda are going to take the spirit of moto driving on water, whereas the KTM Ascender will be a low flight vehicle for the big spenders. Upon release, both the CX and Barracuda will feature a blend of jet ski looks and dedicated hydrofoils for high speed maneuvering across any range of water terrains.

Markus Klung and his team of experts said that KTM invited everyone to design something unusual but workable should the company decide for mass production down in 2017. Since we all know that concept cars promise a whole deal of deliverables that defy reality and imminent possibility of a near future release date, Markus created these designs based on existing technology.

Of all the 4 designs, the Ascender is probably going to be released after 5 – 10 years from today. However the good news is that they have already field tested the AX Buggy a few times, so I think we might be looking at an early bird sign up program later down this year.

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