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Man Turns The Classic Back To The Future DeLorean Into Pretty Epic Rides

Meet Rich Weissensel, a software engineer who is pretty crazy about his DeLorean creations – all five of them. The DeLorean was the car that was used in the Back To The Future movies (if you didn’t know). Rich takes his DeLoreans and transforms them into some pretty crazy rides. He has made a monster truck, a limousine, a hovercraft, a convertible and a Time Machine Replica. After this check out this guy who transforms pickup trucks into mini semi trucks.

A MAN who collects DeLorean cars has transformed the classic Back To The Future vehicles into a monster truck, a limousine, a hovercraft, a convertible and a Time Machine Replica. Rich Weissensel, a software engineer, is fanatic about the two-door sports car and owns five custom creations – including a stretched DeLorean Limousine – and three stock DeLoreans. The 50-year-old has re-modeled the stainless-steel shape of the iconic cars into bizarre and brilliant automotive creations in an ongoing, 14-year series of projects. The projects started after Rich met the car’s founder John DeLorean at the Cleveland DeLorean Car Show in 2000 and showed him some of his ideas and sketches. Rich from Chicago, Illinois, built a custom hovercraft using the stainless steel panels of the DeLorean and a hovercraft cushion which allows the DeLorean to float over any surface.


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