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Hunters are going to have a blast with the Assolar High Powered Stainless Steel Camo Hunting Slingshot

Bart Simpson has nothing on this killer slingshot. No, I’m not talking about a piece of wood or a stick with a rubber band wrapped around it. The Assolar High Powered Stainless Steel Camo Hunting Slingshot (Jesus I’m out of breath) takes your average idea of what a slingshot is and hooks it on steroids.Assolar High Powered Stainless Steel Camo Hunting Slingshot 403


This roided out piece of equipment includes everything you’ll need to ensure your aim is true. WARNING: Do not shoot at people. This son of a bitch packs a punch, and you and the receiving party will regret using each other as moving targets. Please trust me on this.

The slingshot includes an infrared sight as well as laser flashlight to assist in aiming, something you usually see on a piece of artillery.Assolar High Powered Stainless Steel Camo Hunting Slingshot 402

The spring release adds real power to each shot (you thought I was kidding about it packing a punch). Consider what that means for a second. Old school slingshots required the strength of your arm pulling back on the band to give it any power. The Assolar SS-28 has been engineered to give even the weakest of us a chance to blast through anything with our balls. C’mon, you know what I mean.

The stainless-steel body makes this a robust piece of weaponry that is to be respected. You’ll notice the difference in weight as soon as you pick it up. It’s definitely not a toy. Hopefully, the camo design will help convince you that this is more of an outdoors weapon of sorts.Assolar High Powered Stainless Steel Camo Hunting Slingshot 404

The dimensions clock in at 30 x 15 x 15.5cm so should fit comfortably in your hand.

Now as the Amazon title suggests, the Assolar SS-28 can be used as a bow or arrow launcher as well, but you’ll have to buy the arrows separately.

Included in the box are the slingshot itself (I’d hope so), the laser sight and flashlight, a wrench for tightening of things (that’s an educated guess), four bands and a few steel balls.


Pick up one of these guys and get ready to shout, “Say hello to my lil’ friend!” But you know, please only say it to trees and empty beer cans. I advise against snorting a pound of cocaine before shouting it to a bunch of killers storming your mansion.



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