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Get the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker to Give You That Coffee Kick Anywhere

I’m a huge fan of espresso but don’t have the room for an espresso machine, and I never found French presses appealing beyond aesthetics (partly because I ruin the espresso every time). Anyway, I grew tired of going out for my espresso fix, so I decided to try the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. At first glance, I was skeptical. Like, how is this thing going to make a good cup of espresso? Despite my doubts, the mini espresso maker appeared to be a high-quality product. It feels good in the hand, has a sleek, minimal design, isn’t slippery and seems durable. After getting past appearances, you’ll discover that the espresso maker makes an excellent little cup. Each one is strong, rich, and robustly flavored, whatever that means (having the new-found luxury of espresso on a daily basis has that effect).

Minipresso Gr Espresso Maker

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker Review

  • You can make espresso anywhere.

Well, you can make espresso anywhere you can heat water, so it comes in handy while traveling or even camping – assuming you’re the type to crave a shot when you’re camping.

  • Manual operation.

Yeah, you have to work a little for your espresso, but it’s better than having to find an outlet, charge it or replace the batteries after every few uses. A few pumps and you’re done.

  • Easy to operate.

Before reading the instructions, I was just looking at it wondering what to do, but the operation is almost too easy. You just add ground coffee, then fill the reservoir with hot water, unlock the piston and pump.

  • No filter needed.

Everything you need is right there. Also, a filter that small would be weird, right?

  • Uses ground coffee

You can use whatever pre-ground coffee you have on hand or grind your own beans. Does it make a difference? Surprisingly, it does. Espresso from freshly ground beans is more full flavored. You know, the kind of coffee you can serve to self-proclaimed coffee aficionados and avoid judgment.

  • Built in cup

The cup is the size of a small espresso shot. If you drink more than that you’re either eerily alert or your heart is racing without the thrill.

Minipresso Gr Espresso Maker Review And Price 602

Minipresso Gr Espresso Maker Review And Price 603

You definitely want to give the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker a shot (pun intended). The mini press works well, yields quality espresso and the price is right. Oh, and let’s not forget the impact it’ll have on your affogato game. This MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker should definitely be a part of your camping gear.

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