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30 X Æ A-12 Memes Because Elon Musk’s Baby’s Name Is Just One Part of 2020
Meme With Caption The Only Person Who Knows How To Pronounce Elon Musk'S Baby'S Name

A-ron, you got competition.

Axe Tech


X Æ A12 Told To Blend In With The Humans Once He Goes To School


Axae Trolling

Well done.

Xae He Hungry

She doesn’t speak his code.

Xae Goodnight


Xe Baby Name

What’s next? Radioactive spiders?

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Xe No Problem Rose

He loves his WiFi password.

Xe Trying To Name

Elon took a different choice.

Xe Safari

Safari to the rescue again.

Xe Kyle


Xe Elon Musk


Xe Router Password


Xe Motehrboard

Will he have his mother’s chips?

Xe Math Question

It’s me.

Xe Draw 25

He did more than that.

Aex 12 Bad Dream

Father unit? 

Xaex The Router

The router is thrilled.

Xaex Grimes

Soon to appear on an album cover.

Xae Knows Why

So he did it.

Xae Birthday

Happy birthday bloop…

Giant Challenge

Are we ready

Axe Grimes Baby

So cute.

Axe Changing Password

Nailed it.

Axe Bit Ly

Um, is it?

Axe Kyle Musk

They cracked the code.

Axe Baby Nursery

Sweet baby.

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