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America Reopening Memes #RIPAmerica

American’s have had enough of shelter-in-place. One by one, states are lifting restrictions and America is reopening. While the consequences of re-opening seem to not have been well considered, authorities have decided that the risk to human lives are manageable but the risk of economic damage is not if the economy stays closed. Is this a smart move? Judging from all the America Reopening Memes trolling the authorities, and the trending #RIPAmerica hashtag, I guess history will be our judge.

Speaking of history, well this sort of thing happened before, in 1918 to be more specific. People were fed up with social distancing measures and demanded that authorities reopen. Guess what happened after? Second wave.

1. Second Wave
Meme Comparing Spanish Flu To Current Outbreak

After all, we humans all feel the same emotions and so tend to behave the same way.

2. Stopping the Second Wave

You Can'T Have A Second Wave If You Never Stopped The First One  America Reopening Meme

Speaking of a second wave, if you want to be technical, the man is right!

3. Cost of Reopening

Rip America For Reopening

Not exactly a meme, but since it’s trending, #RIPAmerica.

4. Gotta get that tweet out

Cartoon Trump Lying On Corpses Tweeting About Ratings

And of course, some of us would never miss an opportunity to tweet.

5. Who’s most concerned with reopening?

Meme Depicting A Man With Lots Of Cash

Speaking of people tweeting, looks like Twitter is the mass brainwash tool of choice for the one percenters.

6. While others look on…

Monkey Giving Unsure Sideway Glance With Caption Rest Of World Watching America Reopening

Let’s just hope the rest of the world have a little more patience and sense.

7. And we don’t learn from others’ mistakes.

Speaking of the rest of the world looking at America… wasn’t an early outbreak traced back to a church in Korea? Just saying…


8. And Art imitates Life… or is it the other way round?

Well perhaps the infinity stones aren’t needed to wipe out half of all life. 

Well if you aren’t a marvel fan, maybe Joey from Friends can put it better. 

9. Or is Life just Art…

Or maybe we’re all just living in The Twilight Zone. 

10. Whichever it is, we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket.

America Reopening Like Eggs Carried On A Moped

That’s how it feels right now…


11. How some leaders might react to America reopening.

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Picard Heard America Reopening

This can’t be good.

11. On the Theme of Hollywood…

Jurassic Park America Reopening Meme

Everything seemed just fine didn’t it?

12. Are We Acting like Babies?

14 Days After America Reopening Will Be Like That Moment When You Realize It Wasn'T A Fart

At least babies are cute, so people put up with cleaning up the mess!

13. What we don’t want to hear

Game Of Thrones One Does Not Simply Reopen America

Tell it to someone who cares… Right?

14. Playing with Fire?

America Reopening Is Playing With Fire Meme

That’s next level.


15. Economy before Lives?

America Reopening Is Like A Man Squatting On A Medicine Ball

Anyone get the hair standing up behind your neck sort of feeling?


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