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If you’re looking for a well-built home gym setup the PRx Performance Profile Rack (yes you saw this on Shark Tank) might be just what you’re looking for

Even if the idea of breaking a sweat at the gym is your favorite thing to do in your off time, there are times when you have an overwhelmingly hectic week. Why not go for a portable at-home garage rack, like the PRx Performance Profile Rack for some traditional pulls ups and body weight exercises? Besides, body weight exercises are more demanding and induce a sense of balance unto muscle memory.

We’re not talking about shoddy street boy fancy-ass hanging bar workouts. They spend half their time mastering monkey bar movements that are purely meant for gaining attention. On the contrary, think about a one on one round with iron bars, military style pull ups and a grueling workout that’ll make you think of your momma afterward.

Prx Performance Profile Rack Price And Review 202

Say Hello to the PRx Performance Profile Rack PRO with Kipping Bar!

PRx is a relatively new company because they officially launched their earliest kipping bar in 2013. Ever since it’s inception, the devs have bent a lot of steel to prove their rack to outrank traditional exercise equipment. Though slightly expensive, (basic model of Performance Profile Rack PRO going in at $800), these racks are worth the investment from a long-term perspective.

Oh, and did we mention gas shocks? Hell yeah. With gas shocks, a stainless-steel grade assembly and multiple adjustment variations, one unit offers a handy solution to those on the lookout for hundreds of home-based exercises.


  • Choose from a selection of 8 different colors to match your office, room, or garage layout. Black would be the manliest selection, but if you are into other variants, don’t hesitate at all.
  • The PRx Profile racks are known for their robust build. Not only this particular model but other units from earlier series come with the standard 2’’X3’’ 11 Gauge Steel and additional hardware to meet different requirements etc.
  • These racks don’t need a lot of space to setup or work. The only setback we ever found was that you need a lot of vertical spacing due to the height factor. Seeing that many buildings and household don’t have a shallow roof, the assembly seems to work fine without any hitches.
  • Clever placement and mechanism – Among many other competitor’s products, the PRx Performance Profile Rack PRO is installed closes to the wall saving space at the rear and front side as well.

Prx Performance Profile Rack Price And Review 201This unit is also compatible with parts and accessories from other manufacturers. Talk about not being selfish like Apple folks by creating only “exclusive” stuff to boost company sales. PRx most likely collaborated, or silently took the initiative of manufacturing the rack to accommodate additional bars, bolts, and weights that could easily fit in with the rack’s layout.

As mentioned earlier, the kipping model has gas shocks. These shocks offer long term sustainability against rough use and extra weight, but they also wear out as time goes by. Make sure to check them every few months to prevent any unforeseen accidents from occurring.

Generally, we see this rack as a one-time solid investment into something durable and high quality. But, if you don’t have that kind of cash, the second-best alternative would be the Rogue or Stinger series performance pull up bars and racks. Their quality is up to par with what a bro would recommend to other bros.

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