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Raging Wildfires Devastate Helpless Wildlife in Australia

Australia is suffering from out-of-control, raging wildfires caused by an unfortunate combination of climate conditions. The abnormally dry spring has turned eastern Australia into a tinderbox which was easily set alight by the unseasonably warm temperatures of December 2019.

People are dying and losing their homes to fires that spread from the bush to residential areas. Animals that live in the bush itself have fared even worse. Many are unable to escape and are burnt to death. Those lucky enough to be rescued by volunteer rescue workers are the fortunate minority.

Koala Escapes Raging Wildfires By Crossing Road

Image credit: bbc

A Cow In A Field Colored By Reflection Of Raging Wildfires

Image credit: afp

A Horse Running Away From Raging Wildfires Which Consumed Its Stable

Image credit: afp

If you want to know how you can help, links to rescue organizations responsible for helping and rehabilitating injured animals in Australia are listed at the end of the article.

Koala Drinking Water From A Bottle Held By Rescuer

Image credit: ap

An Injured Kangaroo Carried By Woman Wearing A Kangaroo Shirt

Image credit: reuters

A Woman Pours Water On Koala Suffering Burns From Raging Wildfires

Image credit: bbc

Kangaroo Stares At Raging Wildfires

Image credit: afp

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Koala Lying In Blanket After Burn Treatment

Image credit: kangaroo island wildlife park

Rescued Koala Resting After Being Treated For Burns

Image credit: kanagaroo island wildlife park

Koala With Patchy Fur After Suffering Minor Burns From Raging Wildfires

Image credit: kangaroo island wildlife park

A Koala Falls Asleep While Eating After Being Treated For Burns

Image credit: kangaroo island wildlife park

According to some experts, almost half a billion animals have already been killed by Australia’s raging wildfires. There is fear that mass extinction of some species could occur. The rise in death toll of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects have continued unabated since September of last year.

Kangaroo Passing The Scene Of A Burning Farmhouse

Image credit: nyt

Heartbreaking footage of kangaroos desperately fleeing raging wildfires capture just how harrowing the situation is down under. Many rescue organization and volunteers are stretched to the limits of their resources. The rescuers are met with scenes of charred bodies of countless koalas in their attempt to reach these less mobile animals.

These animals need your help and support. To our animal loving readers, we would like to appeal for your support on behalf of organizations that help rescue these precious animals.

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