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Roald Dahl Monopoly Game Where Roald Dahl’s Books Come Alive

Remember Roald Dahl? The beloved British author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory colored many people’s childhoods with his wonderful books including The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, James & the Giant Peach and other titles. Now the Roald Dahl Story Company teamed up with Winning Games for a new Monopoly edition featuring the world of Roald Dahl. The game just released and is definitely a must-have for Roald Dahl fans or literature fans.

Roald Dahl  Monopoly

“Will you join Centipede and Miss Spider, from James and the giant peach or end up with Mr & Mrs Twit? Will you secure Crunchem Hall, home of the terrible Miss Turnbull, or pay Mr Wormwood for unnecessary car repairs?”

Roald Dahl Monopoly features the iconic Sir Quentin Blake’s illustrations, the images that fill the books today, plus tokens inspired by the various works. You can play as one of six tokens: Matilda’s books, James’ Giant Peach, Mr. Fox’ chicken, George’s Marvellous Medicine, a Wonka candy or a boy-turned-mouse from The Witches.

Dahl Monopoly Tokens

The property spots have been replaced by the characters of the Roald Dahl books with each color group representing one book. For instance, the Yellow Cards are now Matilda, Miss Honey, and Miss Trunchbull. The hotel pieces have been replaced by large and small factories, each in a different color. The Utility cards are still the same names and functions, however, now they have a Roald Dahl twist with artwork. The Railways have been swapped out for places from the books, such as Inside the Wonka Factory and Giant Country.

There are other Roald Dahl touches throughout the game: Instead of Chance cards, players get to draw Golden Tickets (of course) and instead of Community Chest, players draw Wonka cards. Even the money of the Roald Dahl Monopoly game features Blake’s illustrations of wacky characters, candy and other fun stuff. There’s still the free parking, Go and Go to Jail spots on the board,

Roald Dahl Monopoly Cards

Like most Monopoly editions, Roald Dahl Monopoly is best for players age 8 and up. Roald Dahl is exceedingly popular in the UK and the game originated there. It is available for purchase from various online toy stores, the official Roald Dahl shop, and of course, Amazon. If you’re a collector of Roald Dahl things, then you’ll surely love it, but it also has great appeal to any Monopoly collectors since it’s tweaked a lot about the game to make it immersive and fun.

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