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Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Do you have a tough time sleeping in hotel rooms? Do you hate street noise or bungling neighbors who are up all night? Or do you need to sleep during the day, with all of the interruptions and difficulties that one experiences in being a day sleeper? If any of these situations apply to you, the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System could be the answer to your prayers.

The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

Cambridge Sound Management launched its Home Sleep System for just that reason. Cambridge wanted to create a device that could make a blanket of sound that made it possible for people to sleep with ease. Nightingale was the result. It comes with two units which sync to your computer, smartphone or smart home system. The Nightingale has over a dozen sounds, like rain, ocean waves, crickets, and loons.

The sound blankets have settings to tailor the sounds for children and adult bedrooms. There are also settings for people who deal with persistent tinnitus or a snoring spouse. If turned up too high, the blankets make get a little buzzy, so users are advised to experiment with the sounds and volume of the blanket that works best for their situation.

Sleep System Nightingale

Another great feature of the Nightingale is that it comes with cool night lights, with many different colors and settings to choose from. Unfortunately it does not come ready for an Android app so I can’t purchase it just yet.

The wall units only weigh six ounces each, and they stand just a little over four inches high, making them easy to play anywhere in the house. They are also great for travel, and don’t add too much weight to your luggage.

If you wanted to use the Nightingale overseas, however, you won’t be able to do so just yet. The units are for use with a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. If you really need the device overseas, you’ll need four adapter plugs in order to transform both units into outlets that can be used overseas.

Sleep System

The sleep units can be linked up with Amazon’s Alexa. They can also blanket more than just one room. Reviewers conclude that the two units do an excellent job at masking ambient noise. The sounds you choose for the two devices create an immersive stereo effect that makes sleeping a breeze.

The Nightingale Standard Edition is available for $149.00. It comes with one unit and is suitable for small rooms or children’s bedrooms. The Standard has all the same features as the  Premium Edition and would be perfect for a dorm room or hospital room, both noisy environments that can be nerve-wracking for sleep.

The Nightingale Premium Edition is available now for $249.00. That is a much more expensive proposition than most stand-alone noise machines, and certainly more costly than the free apps for your smartphone, or white noise videos on YouTube.

It may well be worth cost for the chronically sleep-deprived, however. Using apps on your phone drains the battery, plus exposes you to that bright light, and no sleep expert would advise to leave the TV on all night long just to take advantage of the noise videos.


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