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Top 10 2020 African Dust Storm Meme

As if we needed another reminder from mother nature as to who’s boss, the latest is a dust storm of biblical proportions blowing across the Atlantic from the Sahara Desert. This is truly a historic weather phenomenon as most dust storms from the Sahara are usually fully dispersed by the time it reaches the ocean. This being 2020 however, of course an unusual convergence of weather systems and a stronger than normal East African Jet stream conspired to form powerful conveyor belt for this plume of dust to cross over to the western hemisphere. It’s not all bad news though, dust from the Sahara are known to provide much needed nutrients to plants and animals in the Amazon. Unfortunately for us humans, the small PM10 particles of sand can cause respiratory problems. Luckily, supply constrains on masks have now abated so if everyone starts wearing them because of the dust storm, this apocalyptic looking dust storm may help to combat the spread of corona? Well one thing we do know for sure is that it’s inspired a few 2020 African Dust Storm Memes so you can share a laugh or two (indoors of course). 

Brace Yourselves Dust Storm Is Coming

Orange walkers?

My Plans Canceled By 2020 Meme

Typical, just typical.

Pools Closed Due To Covid Ready For Dust Storm

Prepared for anything after COVID-19

Facemasks Against Dust Storm Meme

This will finally get people wearing those face masks!

African Dust Bunny Dust Storm Meme

African Dust Bunny 1 : Vacuum Cleaner 0


Dust Storm Is Bring Sand To The Beach

Didn’t they get the memo? No more sand!


Dust Storm As Sh*T Storm Meme

It’s coming!

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Dust Storm As Covid 19S Second Wave Meme

So that’s what they meant by  second wave.

Gods Etch A Sketch Dust Storm Meme

Guess it’s time to shake things up!


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