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Top 27 Funny Animal Photos to Entertain You

funny animal photos - funny beaver

Now that’s a Funny Beaver… nuff said.

funny animal photos - quarantine hair

Quarantine hair affects your pets.

funny animal photos - cat eats owner story

This is the precursor of every “cat eats owner news story”…

Funny Animal Photos - spirit animal is fat cat

Looks like this fat cat ate the whole cow…

funny dog photos - dog planted himself

Dog planted itself.

funny dog photo - crazy for bagels

Those eyes say I love bagels…

Funny pet photos - if looks could kill

Beware cos that stare could kill.

Funny bird photo - stylish

This bird is too cool.

funny animal photos - cat salesman

This cat can sell.

funny pet photos - cat not happy

Cat not happy with family dog…

funny dog photo - buttface

That’s what a buttface is.

funny husky photos - husky sleeping

Husky puppy can sleep wherever, whenever, and however.

Funny dog photos - dogtune teller.

Dogtune teller.

funny cat photos - flush after use


funny dog photo - dog shaming

Dog shaming knows no limits.

funny cat photos - cat hints at empty bowl

Cat says that bowl is not gonna fill itself…

funny cat photo - replaced by a newer model

Replaced by a newer model.

Funny animal photos - pole dancing cat

Funny pole dancing.

funny dog photos - look of disappointment

Funny animal photos that makes you wonder if dogs can think like humans!

funny dog photos - nosey business

That’s some nosey.

funny dog photo - dog napping


funny dog photos - 14 year old dog

That’s like 98 human birthdays!

Funny dog photos - dog needs pillows

Dog needs all the pillows.

funny cat photos - space invader

A feline space invader.

funny dog photos - dogs can

It’s true that dogs can’t judge sizes…

funny dog photos - dad joke expression

Dad joke alert…

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