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Top 35 Funny Animal Memes That’ll Make You LOL

animal memes

Humans excitedly taking photos to record the moments before their own death…

animal meme 2020 - catch fail

Things were going so well….then 2020.

Art that tells the hard truth.

A little too much info…


I just want to know!

Aren’t you a bit far from home buster?

My nap time.

Wait for it…..

Story of every pet owner’s life…

And the teacher still has no idea why we laughed!!!

Good Boi…

The horror!

Good thing they got 9 lives!

98% charged.

Dr. Seuss is in da house.

If you can’t beat it…. just take a nap.

Take that!

That’s one sick puppy!

If they’re bad the water goes on!

Thought I’d share my food with you!

Whatever iti s….!

I’m getting the feeling that they don’t serve my kind here…

Dogs always revert to their natural states…

Must rip out all innards and spread them on your entire floor.


Why you in my tree?

It’s like the cat version of Lady and the Tramp…

Ducking vermins!

It’s my pond.

What’s mine is mine… what’s yours is mine… Got that?

Oh… didn’t hear you come in.

It’s me time.

He needed Cat CPR to wake up!

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