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Unemployment Memes – Because You Just Have to Laugh

A record 30 million Americans in the last 5 weeks. So, out of more than 150 million Americans employed before the corona virus pandemic, roughly 1/5 have filed for unemployment. To put that into perspective, if you like to play with fire and hang with the maximum number of people allowed under social distancing, 2 out of the 10 people you hang out with, will have filed for unemployment. That’s a whole lot of people who have nothing to do all day while collecting checks. Why not send them some of these unemployment memes to keep them occupied! Take your pick from this unemployment meme collection.

Unemployment Memes  Sad Bear Meme

If my last 2 months could be expressed in a facial expression.

Unemployment Memes  Unemployment Server Meme

Guess where all the employment checks go to?

Unemployment Memes  Unemployment Pays More Meme

Nah ah…

Unemployment Memes  Essential Worker Meme 2

Staying motivated. I’m working for a good reason…

Unemployment Memes  Trump And Record Unemployment Meme

That’s one heck of a chance.

Unemployment Memes  Essential Employee Meme

So true.

Unemployment Memes  Not Wanting To Find A Job Meme

Sounds about right.

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Unemployment Memes  Florida Unemployed Meme

Retirement is also unemployment…

Unemployment Memes  Beavis And Butthead Meme

They don’t seem to know their sh*t…

Unemployment Memes  Kentucky Governnor Fail Meme

Like Tupac Shakur is a real name…

Unemployment Memes  Transgender Washroom Issue Solved Meme

Gender equality should take care of the last 2.

Unemployment Memes  First Time Unemployment Meme

Learn from the pros.

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