25 Hilarious New Minions -

25 Hilarious New Minions

Never leave home without it.

And then come the dark days.

I hate when eyes are on me like that.

Like Supermarket Sweep!

It’s a good feeling especially when someone laughs with you.

But it doesn’t.

Better get that checked out. 

Fair warning.

Just saying.

What are you looking at?

Lucky kids.

And I’m no turkey either!

Oops. Hate it when I do that.

That’s the big question.

You know me. You got me.

It will be awhile.

Accurate. How about “ask self questions?” Hmm. Always?

Let us fear.

They saud “Uh oh!”

Or “I don’t need a basket, I’m only getting a few things.”


It’s all spilling over!

Tick tock.


Take them all.

That sounds ominous.