80's and 1990's Memes to Give You a Throwback -

80’s and 1990’s Memes to Give You a Throwback

Why did they do this? It does nothing! Gotta get my music. I’ll have to buy this all over again. I probably won once. And sometimes there weren’t any! I’m so sorry. It’s worthless now! Ahh Otter Pops. Took forever!
So confusing.
Thank you VHS! Choose carefully. Sweet
#Goals The worst! Lisa Frank was the designer of the 90’s. Yes!
Sassy! You know you do. Thwack. Admit it.
BONNNGGGGGGGG. How dare the straw do this? Rebel.
Oh yeah. Every time. In my car. Butterfly clips are hell. Bye.Let’s count some bears!