Gualbo Steel Fragmenting Shotgun Slug - Expands Like A Frag Grenade

The Gualbo Steel Fragmenting Shotgun Slug is a new shotgun slug sold by Ballistics Products.

Ladies and gentlemen meet the Gualbo Steel Fragmenting Shotgun Slug. This bad boy is sold by by Ballistics Products and is pretty devastating. This 12 gauge slug weighs 32 grams, is made out of steel and has petals that peel back upon impact. Pretty insane if you ask me. You can read more about this on their website.

The Shotgun Slug that works like a FRAG-GRENADE

Let’s take another look at the Gualbo Steel fragmenting shotgun slug. We filmed this at 21,000 FPS using the Chronos high speed camera to show how wicked these slugs are. These are a much more effective slug than those OATH slugs (that everyone thinks are a gimmick) TAOFLEDERMAUS





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