Protect Your Luxury Watches in Style with Man Safe -

Watch is a luxurious but expensive hobby, and you want to understandably protect those asseets. Brown Safe has engineered an amazing series of watch safes for the man who has it all. Introducing Man Safe. This safe series isn’t just for your timepieces, either, but also your passports, documents, heirlooms, keys, wallet and more. It’s a fusion of elegance design meets high-tech security.

The Man Safe has several features to ensure your items stay safe and secure. Lets start with the electronic locks. You can choose between two locks for access is the La Gard electronic keypad lock, and the other is a biometic fingerprint reading lock. The lock’s components are custom machined from aerospace graded aluminum, so you know your valuables are safe and can’t be accessed by just anyone.

As for the watches, they’ll be displayed beautifully with custom-made watch panels with Orbita watchwinders. The Man Safe has an optional upgrade of the Orbita Programmable watch winders, where “a sophisticated microprocessor controls the cycles,” getting your watches wound according to each’s invidiual needs. You can opt for clockwise, counter-clockwise or automatic reversing. The customization option includes with optimal turns per day starting of 500 all the way up to 1300, and the respective pause intervals.

More security features are built into the Man Safe series with military-grade ballistic armor plate but without a high weight so it may be installed anywhere, as opposed to one central place that could support the high weight of a steel safe. Man Safe has been designed not only for premium appearance, high security but also the versaility you need.

Next is the glass plate relocker, another security feature you can admire. The glass plate is tempered and positioned between the lock and safe door. When the door is penetrated or an attempt is made to do so, the glass plate will shatter, which will then release re-locker pins throughout the safe. You can rest knowing that your watches and valuables will be safe. Speaking of boltworks, there’s hardened 1’’ diameter locking bolts added to the upper and lower portions of the door to guard against wedging or prying, even by mechanical or hydraulic methods.

Lastly, because fires can destroy valuables in a matter of minutes, the Man Safe has state-of-the-art fire protection design. Once built, the company applies its fire cladding process complete with 2 ½ inches of concrete based mixture in the walls, and a 2 inch layer on the door of the safe. More “fire-protected’ safes on the market may have drywall panels or dense boards in between the walls, which means the fire can still damage the things locked inside the safe; Man Safe circumvents this with their dense composite material.

The Man Safe series comes in 4 standard sizes with 2 interior configurations each. The lowest priced option, the Man Safe 1418, is small but mighty, designed to fit in an office or other small space. Depending on what interior configuration you opt for, you’re looking at starting at $3.680 and up, then adding on fire protection and other options, such as a silent signal alert. Each Man Safe will be customized with the options you need. If you’re going to have a valuable collection of luxury watches, you might as well have a luxury safe for them, right?