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Keep your valuables locked away safely with the Monster Vault Under the Bed Safe

Tough as nails, and made to withstand rugged intrusion attempts, Monster Vault has been known to offer numerous solutions to the security conscious folks of rural n’ urban America. The ‘Under the Bed’ safe is a twist of solid engineering and a bit of sick humor where you have the option of storing all your guns and valuables within the vast confines of a 3 cubic feet steel fortress.

As far as my earlier statement concerning the demographics goes, I just meant to highlight the degree of crime incidents in USA. Regardless, this safe works impeccably well in any household, company, or private property in any part of the world! There you go; isn’t it rephrased in a much better way now? Seems less offensive now.

Monster Vault Under The Bed Safe 503

What’s the best thing about Monster Vault Safe?

  • You can literally anchor it to the floor with a portable drill bolt mechanism which makes it impossible for bad guys to haul it over to their “safehouse”. Besides the huge size factor, which is intimidating enough, this safe guarantees to keep out all unauthorized access outside, the way it’s meant to be.
  • Kudos to portability dynamics (* as long as it is not anchored to a wall or floor), the safe can be mounted inside the back of a car or any transport vehicle easily.

Fun Fact: If you’ve had your fair share of vault safes from your grandpa’s time, you know damn well that those things weighed about 1,000 Lbs., and had to be moved with the help of a forklift. Developers back then focused on Kevlar grade armor and thick locks to keep the intruders out.

Monster Vault Under The Bed Safe 502

However, it wasn’t much of a “solution” because burglars knew exactly how to counteract those security measures. Stick a couple of IEDs, strong acid solutions or blow torches inside the lock and things aren’t that safe anymore.

  • Battery operated mechanism. Monster Vault utilizes Standard AA set batteries with minimum voltage requirements. One set can churn out at least one year of uninterrupted service.
  • Traditional key unlock mechanism included in case of battery failure emergency.

Monster Vault Under The Bed Safe 504

The company basically made this safe for gun safety keeping. Not only the fact that guns are highly expensive, they are also a huge risk to be lying around in the open. Except for the antique weapons from WWII era that usually serve as wall hangings, the rest of the ammunition and stuff is supposed to stay locked in a safe place.

Monster Vault Under The Bed Safe 501

If you happen to have a family to look after, I’d always suggest that you get one of these gun safes to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Kids can be curious at times, and we’ve had tons of accidents where kids or some adults lost their lives as a result of guns kept within reach or unprotected area. By the way, Monster Vault also offers top notch customer support and product warranty. If you happen to run into any trouble with this safe, just give em’ a holler.

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