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Amazon Associates Commission Drop up to 80% – Sucker punch during Corona Virus Pandemic

After being hit by the corona virus induced stock market crash, Amazon’s stock is flying high again reaching a new all-time high price of 2,283.32 per share on April 14, 2020. For millions of Amazon’s affiliates or associates, who have also seen a major hit in their earnings since the coronavirus crisis, April 14, 2020 was also the day where they received a seemingly innocuous email from Amazon. But this email is a carefully wrapped trojan horse which hides the huge 80% Amazon associates commission drop they’re going to implement. 

This email starts off by saying “We hope you are staying well during this time”. The bomb that they deliver won’t hit you, even if you click on their “What’s Changed” link, because they show you a table stating matter-of-factly what the CHANGED commission rates are but not what the CHANGES are.

If you dig a little deeper and compare the current commission rate to the changed rates effective April 21, 2020, that’s when the shockwaves really hit home. Here’s a summary


Amazon Associates Commission Drop April 21, 2020

If you think this is just another coronavirus quarantine meme, think again, have one last laugh before the 21st.
Amazon Associates Commission Drop In Midst Of Coronavirus Crisis  Darth Vader Meme

Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry

was: 8% now: 3% (62.5% drop)

Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies

was: 6% now: 3% (50% drop)

Outdoors, Tools

was: 5.5% now: 3% (45.5% drop)


was: 5% now: 1% (80% drop)


was: 4.5% now: 3% (33.3% drop)

Baby Products

was: 4.5% now: 3% (33.3% drop)

Health & Personal Care

was: 4.5% now: 1% (77.8% drop)

Amazon Fresh

was: 3% now: 1% (66.7% drop)

Kicking you while you’re down

As they say, timing is everything. Picking a time of crisis to drop commission rate is a low blow. But for Amazon to email people about cutting amazon associates commission rates on a day where Amazon’s stock hits a post coronavirus all time high, is totally insensitive and shows a lack of moral fiber. Despite all the vocal criticism of “America First” by Amazon’s bosses, I guess they have quietly adopted “Amazon First” in this post coronavirus world. I suppose they’re finally being consistent.

By the way, Amazon has been donating millions to the community and increasing pay for employees amid the COVID-19 crisis. I guess that’s all going to be paid for by Amazon Associates as of April 21, 2020.

What can you do about it?

The online associates and affiliates community is rallying behind writing letters to amazon to complain about this drastic cut in amazon commissions. Others are planning to switch to other affiliate programs. Whatever you plan to do, don’t give up and stay motivated. There are always other opportunities out there. Personally I can recommend this online prenatal class affiliate program which should experience good growth.

What not to do

If you plan to switch affiliate programs. Make sure you DO NOT advertise the same products from a different affiliate store along side images used by Amazon. Also if you want to use a price comparison program, make sure you show the best price and best USED price. These are both little known rules in the affiliate guidelines of the amazon associates program. If you flout these rules, they have the right to close down your accounts.

Be warned.

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