Just when you thought the minigun couldn’t get any better, out comes the XM556 Microgun from Empty Shell Defense.

Just when you thought the M134 Minigun was the most amazing weapon ever, the XM556 Microgun shows up. The XM556 Microgun is built by Empty Shell Defense and is still currently in the prototype stages. This little bad boy is chambered in 5.56 mm, weighs 16 pounds and is 22 inches long. Go ahead and add three of these to my Christmas list.


The XM556 Microgun was designed and engineered around the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. This defensive suppression weapon is significantly smaller and lighter than it’s big brother the M134. It was meant to stand in place of anywhere high suppressive fire wanted without the weight or footprint of the larger M134 electrically driven Gatling gun system. The current XM556 Microgun is smaller and lighter than some current 5.56mm beltfed Squad Automatic Weapons currently on the market, with 4x’s the firepower.

The XM556 is a new platform system that was designed from scratch by the ground up. The parts are not just a smaller imitation of the larger M134, but were designed on its own. An absolutely all new style of bolt was conceived and designed to eliminate current known issues with the M134. The bolts combined with many other improvements have been made to not only extend the life of the gun but reduce wear and reduce or eliminate stoppages.

The gun is sold as a complete weapon system. Some mounts and accessories designed for the M134 will work with the XM556 Microgun to make adoption easier. Via – EmptyShellUS – Check out their Instagram HERE.

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun featured

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun pictures 001

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun pictures 002

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun pictures 003

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun pictures 004

XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun pictures 005

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  • cheerdiver .

    Poorly educated hayseeds, who can’t recognize an oxymoron, crack me up! With those language skills, you must possess a GED.

  • rich

    Perfect squirrel gun! Lol

  • mark

    Ha ha! Sovereign Citizens crack me up!

  • GetInMyBellyNow

    That would clear out a lot of Liberal riots.

  • AlwaysRight

    I’m sorry that you were unable to comprehend my comments. They directly related to yours and fully explained why the OP was able to generalize with a high level of accuracy. Your comprehension skills are not something I’ll be able to help you with on an internet forum. I’d suggest you take the time to develop those.

  • Luke

    Hmm… You sure did string together a lot of thoughts there. Maybe you were replying to somebody else though, because none of them related to my comment.

    I read my comments again to be certain. All I’ve mentioned was that it’s inaccurate and inappropriate to assume that all liberals feel a certain way based on the observation of a small sample (in this case, one).

    At no point did I make a claim regarding moral or intellectual superiority of any group of people… Mainly because there isn’t any. My comment was directed at somebody who posted a meme about one person as if that was justification for a broad generalization.

    Ironically, your comment then makes generalizations about all liberals regarding a couple unrelated subjects. (Climate change and religion.)

    This behavior is unfortunately common on both sides. Rather than discuss anything rationally, people tend to just characterize anyone on the “other” side as stupid, evil, immoral, etc. That’s unhelpful.

  • cheerdiver .

    Spoken like a true citizen, who doesn’t know his natural rights from a hole in the ground. You’re one of those idiots who still thinks airliners hit the twin towers, it’s not hard to tell.

  • Joe Ledux

    Ur, I’m with ya on the whole 2nd amendment thing, but if you watch video of those two guys in Los Angeles who reenacted their favorite bank robbery scene from the movie Heat (and shot a bunch of people), news video shows them blasting away with fully automatic, presumably clandestine conversions, Kalashnikovs. Though I guess it’s a different category of crime because their primary purpose was to steal and have their version I guess of a good time, instead of killing out of rage or extremist ideology. So never mind. I would add to your comment that in all the time since the NFA was enacted and required either Class 3 federal license or a tax stamp to possess fully-automatic firearms of any sort, only one or two have been later involved in the commission of a crime. And I think one of those was a domestic violence sort of thing. Surely the possessors of these weapons must number in the tens of thousands. Or more. By my reckoning that would make these crazy machinegun-toting Muricans the safest and most law abiding gun owners in the entire country. Contrary to douchebag liberal caricatures.

  • Joe Ledux

    See my post above. In the only test I’m aware of where a man fired a dismounted M134 Minigun by hand, the answer is Utterly Useless, and even Dangerous to the shooter. There’s no reason to think this smaller gun won’t have the same problems, albeit on a reduced scale. But even on that reduced scale the thing will be worthless unless it’s mounted on something solid and heavy.

  • Joe Ledux

    When you consider that some of those Arabs are so oil-rich that they have more money than the entire town you live in, it’s more likely they will be one of the few purchasers of this pointless weapon than victims of same. Of course, they and a few Russian oligarchs will probably buy a few to add to their own exotic weapons collections (hell, they have exotic animal collections, with cheetahs and tigers an the like, why not a pint-sized minigun?). I figure that if the initial production run is twenty of these guns, the manufacturer will end up having to eat at least ten of them. There just ain’t that many Russian oligarchs and Oil Arabs with exotic gun collections, and nobody else is going to buy them.

  • Joe Ledux

    The one person in this entire comment line who can articulate a genuine, practical use for this thing.

  • Joe Ledux

    People like this Queerdiver fool do provide us with an absolute abundance of entertainment. I love to watch them on YouTube screaming “I do not consent!” in the face of the police, until the pepper or Taser hits them. Quite a joy to watch. Really.

  • Joe Ledux

    Spoken as only a clueless punk who has never done time can speak. You don’t have to acknowledge the legitimacy of the authority the feds wield over you, but only an absolute fool will fail to acknowledge that if you don’t abide by their authority, there are people with guns who will come and put chains on you–or shoot you dead, getting away just ain’t gonna happen–and then put you in a cage for years, or decades. Surrounded by people who just won’t give a single fuck no matter how much you whine about your rights. There are all sorts of idiots just like you sitting in prison cells, and scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened. For all your big talk, go ahead and test the waters. I promise I will write to you once you make the penitentiary. No less than once every two years.

  • Joe Ledux

    This might be new wine in an old glass–did I get that metaphor right?
    Regardless, it’s hardly a new development. Back in the 70s-80s, GE actually
    developed and offered for sale a .223 rotary which was essentially a
    scaled down M134. Of course it had to have its own cute nickname, what
    with the “Minigun” and all, so it was christened the “Six-pack.” I have
    no doubt that it was a reliable as its predecessor, but aside from
    reduced size and weight it offered nothing new to the field and I don’t
    know that any were ordered by anyone. And I don’t think any were
    actually produced aside from prototypes. The issue with electric rotary
    guns has never been the size or weight of the weapon, but rather
    keeping the hungry damned thing fed. I don’t care how small, light, or
    portable this latest edition is, unless you have a mule-train
    carrying ammunition following you it will be an exercise in futility.
    Once you factor in the weight of the gun, the weight of the feed system, and of course a battery to power the contraption, you do not
    have in any sense a manportable system that can be carried and fired by
    one man in a tactically useful way. If you allow the weight of the components
    listed above it’s probably pushing it to allow the additional weight of,
    say, a thousand rounds of ammo carried on the same soldier so he’s combat-ready. What that
    means is that he will be hell incarnate for about ten seconds of firing time, after
    which he’s hind-tit useless until he can get some more ammo into the weapon. If
    it’s a two man crew, and you load the second man down with (and this is
    pushing it) 5000 rounds in addition to his own gear, you still have a weapon that’s useable for
    about one minute. After which any sensible soldier would divest himself of that
    fucking boat anchor and arm himself with a rifle. I said all that to say this: weapons like the minigun and the smaller cousin
    described here are only feasible in the mounted role. And if
    you’re mounting it on a vehicle that can also hump the ammo for the
    gunner (and store it in such a way that he can just blast through it
    without needing to stop for a belt change), why not go with the M134
    instead of the Six-pack and double your useful range and destructive
    power? And there’s one final thing, I for one am not at all convinced
    that an unmounted 5.56 rotary can be practically controlled by a man.
    In the only case I’ve ever heard of of a test of the M134 being fired by
    hand, for safety’s sake a belt of only six cartridges was loaded for
    the first test. Because of the weight, the big boy elected to fire it
    held it by the carry handle and braced it against his thigh in a sort of
    squat position. You’re thinking 7.62, in a gun that weighs fifty
    pounds or more, recoil will not be a problem, right? Wrong. When you
    stack the recoil of multiple rounds all within the space of fractions of
    a second, it becomes a problem. A big one. That was the one and only
    dismounted test they did, and the shooter had a bruise the size of a
    dinner plate on the inside of his thigh. All the rest of the testing
    was done with a redneck-engineered mount on the front of a Honda
    3-wheeler ATB (this was back in prehistory, when those things had only
    three wheels and not four). Although the 5.56 has much less recoil than
    the 7.62, I think the same problem would arise, if perhaps not quite as
    severe. The faster you shoot, the worse the problem. With the monstrous
    30mm gun in the Warthog (every infantryman’s favorite fixed-wing
    aircraft), this problem is so severe that at peak RPM the gun produces
    more backward thrust than the engines produce going forward. Thus what
    they do to avoid problems is shoot only short bursts (which everyone who
    has heard it for real will tell you it sounds like a serious
    refried-beans fart ripping loose). GE could have developed a
    manportable version designed to allow dismounted fire back in the 60s,
    had it been a workable idea, but until ammo cartridges are developed
    that weigh no more than bunny farts and are the size of a tic-tac, the
    only way to shoot any rotary Gatling-type powered gun is mounted. I
    predict a short commercial life, or stillbirth, for the role-less weapon
    described in this article. You might have some Arab or Russian
    gazillionaire buy one or two for their own private collections, but
    that’s about it. Sorry, but them’s the beans. You got to eat what you
    brought, not eat what you want.

  • cheerdiver .

    Oxymoron tagged.

  • Tanis

    “Sovereign Citizen” identified.
    Have there been any cases of anyone being successful with that no-contract defense yet?

  • AlwaysRight

    There may be some outliers but you’re splitting hairs. liberals are liberals because they don’t think as effectively as they feel. Every political position they subscribe to is based on that undeniable fact. Let’s take a look:
    liberals believe that carbon emissions are causing the earth to get warmer and will eventually kill us all. The solution, is that everyone but them should have to go back to the stone age to correct it. Meanwhile, they share this information on social media which requires HUGE datacenters that emit more carbon in a year than the people they hope to strip of modern conveniences. They claim to hate Capitalism and corporations while using their Apple Iphone or Google Android. They believe in this as though it is a fact, even though the facts cannot prove that global warming is man-made. It is circumstantial at best, and there is a consensus of “experts” who climate-gate proved make up the data. That primarily get their funding through grants that politicians award them. (This fact makes their findings biased.) They refuse to allow their data to be independently reviewed. They refuse to release the algorithm their model that predicts weather patterns is based on. Their model has never even 1 time accurately predicted warming trends.
    liberals also in great numbers despise organized religion. They claim that anyone who believes in something they cannot see or prove is real is an idiot. That faith in the unknown makes you stupid. Then they believe with all of their hearts and minds in “the new ice age” (80’s-90’s), “global warming” (90’s-2000’s), “climate change” (2000’s – present) based on NOTHING but faith.
    So what is clear? It’s clear that liberals believe that they are morally and intellectually superior to everyone else, in spite of the fact that they are demonstrably the opposite. Sure some may split hairs here or there, but liberals all share the trait of being emotionally driven. If they possessed good logic and intelligence, they simply could not believe the things they believe.

  • DanInAustin

    Dealers don’t pay a $200 tax for post samples. It’s part of your SOT payment. You just need the LEO letter asking for a demo.

  • DanInAustin

    It’s not hard to get a letter from a LEO for a post sample.

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