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14 Funny Maradona Memes to Celebrate the Life of This Soccer Great

funny Maradona memes - rip

Thankgiving tribute to you Maradona.

funny Maradona memes - cocain world championships

Another one bites the dust.

funny Maradona memes - blood was found

Amazing that some blood was found at all!

funny maradona meme tribute - champion


funny Maradona memes - rip

Joining his family now.

funny Maradona memes - destiny

The hand of God will provide.

funny maradona memes - sky calling

Time to go home.

Maradona memes - goal

Final goal reached.

Maradona meme - rip

RIP Legend.

Maradona meme - Maradona vacuum cleaner

Final vacuuming.

funny maradona meme - cocainism

Both provides endless power.

funny maradona memes - lucky

Cocaine speeds everything up…

funny maradona memes - king is dead long live the king

Long live the King!

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