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15 Best Harry Potter scenes

15 Best Harry Potter Scenes

Seeing inside Hogwarts for the first time.

15 Best Harry Potter Scenes

Harry and Jenny’s super cute relationship.

Every time Hermoine showed the boys who’s boss!

When Neville avenged his parents.

The flying car that we all wished we could have a ride in!

When everyone had to go through the Sorting Hat and now we all wanna know which house we would be in.

Any scene with Sirius Black!

Snape confessing his love for Harry Potter’s mother and then dying and us actually realising that he was good all along!

Any encounter between Voldermort and Harry Potter.

All the scenes that showed the bond and friendship of these 3.

The night Ron realized he had feelings for Hermoine.

Dobby definitely deserved better.

This ICONIC scene between Dumbledore and Voldemort!

Harry’s first quiditch game.

Umbridge was the worst!

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