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15 Funny Clean Valentines Jokes You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

There’s truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Scientists say that laughter gives us a dose of oxytocin, which is a feel good hormone that lead to a positive attitude and stronger bonds with those you love. For tough times and special occasions, share a few of these jokes with your friends and loved ones and give yourself that natural high!

Please be warned, some of these jokes are so bad, that they’ll make you laugh at how bad they are.

funny clean valentines jokes - joke stinks

Well that joke totally stinks!

funny valentines jokes clean - baaaad joke

And here’s a baaaaaa-d joke.

funny valentines jokes clean - not melancholy no more

Not melon-choly no more.

funny valentines jokes clean - espresso

Well that ran out of steam fast…

funny valentines jokes clean - I almost spaghetti my coffee

This joke is so bad I almost spaghetti my coffee out.

funny valentines jokes clean - muffin

I had e-muffin of these bad jokes.

You butter get outta here before I shut you up!

Cupid should stick with his day job.

If he keeps telling jokes like this, him desserting you will be the best thing for you!

Well I’m about to purrrrr-ge my stomach at how bad these are!

You’re gonna get a Valentine whoopass, if you don’t stop these jokes!

Good thing he didn’t give her an S & M & S.

I’ll be barfing meatballs in a minute!

A truer word has never been spoken.

I’ll bet he did!

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