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15 Inauguration Cold Bernie Memes That’ll Make You Shiver In Your Boots

If you think you’re feeling cold during this January Arctic Blast, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not alone. If you missed out on watching the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden, here’s a quick recap. Bernie Sanders failed in his attempt to become the 46th President of the United States, but he succeeded in drawing the crowd’s attention during the inauguration of Joe Biden. While he was feeling anything but HOT during this frigid January morning, his shivering has inspired cold Bernie memes that are so hot, they’re causing the internet to meltdown as far as the frozen lakes of Sweden. Enjoy a cold one on us!

Cold Bernie Memes - Sweden's Ice Hotel

Enjoying a cold one at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi.

Cold Bernie Memes - Devil wears Prada

Cold day in Hell.

Cold Bernie Memes - warming the next generation

That warm fuzzy feeling.

Cold Bernie Memes - trending

Hot fashion trends NOT.

Cold Bernie Memes - jLO

JLO trying to warm things up.

Cold Bernie Memes - sex in the city

Hot Sex in the City?

Cold Bernie Memes - Britney

Britney working up a sweat.

Cold Bernie inauguration Memes - cold front

Cold front approaching.

Cold Bernie inauguration Memes - vampire skin cold to the touch

His skin feels soooo cold to the touch.

Cold Bernie Memes - Prada


Cold Bernie inauguration Memes - dead pool

Deadpool’s warm relations.

Cold Bernie inauguration Memes - friends

Being there for you are the essence of warm friendships.

Cold Bernie inauguration Memes - Whoopi

Whoopi is heating up!

Cold Bernie Memes - fieri

Fieri picture!

Cold Bernie Memes - warm drink

Looks like you need a warm drink!

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