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19 Funny Quotes About Life for Those Uber Stressing Days

Remember stress balls? These rubber and fabric spheres with just the right consistency for you to sink your finger nails into were a staple on every desk. Unfortunately, stress these days seem to be jumping to the next level. Just about the only thing people can take comfort in is that we’re all in this together. So check out all these quotes about life stressing people out that’s been making the rounds on the internet. Scroll through to find one that speaks to you!

Funny Quotes About Life


Funny Quotes About Life In The Kitchen

It’s a common technique.

Funny Quotes About Life Which Is True That weird feeling that keeps coming.
Funny Quotes About Life In 2020 NONE OF IT.
Funny Quotes About Life As Described In The Bible It’s got to be in there.
Funny Quotes About Life In General So much.
Funny Quotes About Life In 2020 Let’s not complain anymore.

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Funny Quotes About Life During A PandemicAnd I haven’t even chugged the Lysol!?
Funny Call MeetingThey will congregate.
Funny Yelled Cow

Maybe next time “Look out, cow!”

Funny They Lied

May have mistook that phrasing.

Funny Picking WeedsAh, we get it.
Funny No Ones TellDirections?
Funny Momma AintDo it.
Funny In My Gead Scary.
Funny Husband TrashThe whole house!
Funny Day DrinkersOh no.
Funny Crazy Heriditary They’ll find out.
Funny Bad WordsIs that too much to ask?

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