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20 Clever and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes
Diy Corn Costume


Make a DIY Halloween corn cob costume for adults and kids!

Spider Crown

Whip up a spider crown in minutes


Or make a medusa headband

Diy Life

This literally takes 15 minutes if you have to run to the store for supplies. What could be easier when it comes to a DIY Halloween costume?


What about going as the Kermit meme? Epic.


Alvin, Simon, and Theodore! Make a group costume with this easy DIY Halloween tutorial.

Costume Condiments

A ketchup and mustard costume is just the thing for those last-minute Halloween ideas

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Cereal Bowl

Love cereal? Make it your costume — become a walking cereal bowl complete with fruit loops

Diy Taco

Let’s taco about this amazing DIY Halloween costume!


Not much skill is needed for this DIY snail costume, and it’s perfect for all ages

Queenofhearts Diy

Feeling crafty? Tackle the DIY Halloween queen of hearts family set

Diy Care Bear

Here’s another family costume set: DIY Care Bears Halloween costumes

Diy Ash

For $15, you can create a quick Ash Ketchum from Pokemon costumeĀ 

Diy Pikachu

Why not add Pikachu and Pichu to the pack? These are quick DIY costumes too

Diy Barb Eleven

Love Stranger Things? Be Barb and Eleven! Don’t forget the Eggos.


You love the song, now wear the costume. Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark, and Baby Shark


90’s movie Beetlejuice is still chic and there’s nothing better than this DIY scary costume of the main characters


Let your pet into the Halloween fun with this adorable DIY seal costume

Flounder Diy

Flipping your fins can get you far with this Flounder costume


With Toy Story Land opened up in Disney World, it’s the perfect time for you to make a Woody costume complete with pull string


You can’t say no to this adorable skunk costume








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