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20 Funny Minion Pics to Laugh at and Share

Funny Minion Pics 1  Sing

Just because i can’t sing,
doesn’t mean i won’t sing.

So watch out! It will be like I’m auditioning for The Voice!

Funny Minion Pics  Friends

A friend will calm you down when you are angry,
but a best friend will skip beside you with a baseball bat
singing “someone’s gonna get it”!

They’re going to make sure they’re going to get it.

Funny Minion Pics 3  Stupid People

i’m hiding from stupid people.

Don’t tell them where I am!

Funny Minion Pics 4  Mental Hospital

Hello mental hospital?
i would like to reserve a family suite!

Funny minion pics of my family to go with that!

Funny Minion Pics  Wallet Refills

I wish my wallet came with free refills!

Instead it just runs on empty.

Funny Minion Pics 5  Snaughflatuling

lauging so hard that you snort and then fart,
then laugh again because you farted when you snorted
because you laughed.

Funny minion pics that tend to add new words to dictionaries!

Funny Minion Pics 6  Lauging

The one who laughs last is the slowest.
the one who laughs first has the dirtiest mind.

Never waste a dirty mind.

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Funny Minion Pic 6  Short Girls

Don’t ever piss off a short girl.
they are like cute, adorable, tiny, ninjas of death,
who are at the perfect height to punch you in the balls.
short girls are bada**!

They’re small fun size packages of fury.

Funny Minion Pics 7  Sunday

Sunday already!
now where is the weekend remote so i can hit the rewind button..

I wanna go back!

Funny Minion Pictures 1  Profile

Ooh who’s that sexy beast?
oh i clicked on my own profile again.

Funny minion pics to scare myself with too!

Funny Minion Pictures 2  Police

A police officer came to my house and asked me where i was
between 5 and 6.
he seemed irritated when i answered “kindergarten! ”

Funny minion pics meets funny police stories!

Funny Minion Pictures  Pizza Geometry

Square box,
round pizzas,
round pizza,
triangle slices.
…i’m confused!

Why is it like this?

Funny Minion Pictures 4  Sleep

going to sleep on sunday will cause monday.
please note that staying awake all night does not prevent monday.
there is no cure.

I hate Mondays.

Funny Minion Memes 1  Friends

I hope we’re friends until we die.
then i hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls
and scare the sh*t out of people!

We wil make the best scare team.

Funny Minion Memes 2  Facebook

You don’t have to like me,
i’m not a facebook status.

Just pass me on by like you do my statuses.

Funny Minion Memes  Exercise

i thought you said “extra fries”.

We can have both..

Funny Minion Memes 3  Diet

Diet tip:
your pants won’t get too tight if you don’t wear any.

Pro tip!

Funny Minion Memes 4  Time

In bed, it’s 6 am.
you close your eyes for five minutes, it’s 7:45.
at work, it’s 1:30pm.
you close your eyes for five minutes,
it’s 1:31pm.

Time slips by so slowly at work.

Funny Minion Memes  Acting Normal

I tried to act normal,
“worst 5 minutes” of my life.

I must now recover for days.

Funny Minion Memes 5  Tomorrow

Urgent warning for tomorrow!
aliens are coming to earth tomorrow.
their mission is to abduct all sexy, good looking “old people”.
i’m just sharing to say goodbye.
i’ve got to go pack!

Bye girl, bye.

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