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20 Funny Schit’s Creek Because You Need a Selfish
Quote Fades Into Background

A nice gentle sound.

Quote You Get Murderred


Quote Bumpkins


Quote Kill Coma

Moira is the best.

Quote Did You Know

What, really?

Quote Bedazzled


Quote Life Coaching

A lot.

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Quote Trying Very Hard

Just so hard.

Quote Rethink

A bad choice.

Quote Schitt Pelican

But the resemblance is uncanny.

Quote Schitt WalkGreat shoes.
Quote Schitt Titanic


Quote For That Proud

A great skill to have.

Quote Dont Be B


Quote Coachella

With the birds and the trees and stuff..

Quote Uninterested In Opinion


Quote Love That Journey

Love it.

Quote Mariah Carey Compliment

But it’s sweet.

Quote Funky

Know the difference.

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