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20 Funny Suez Canal Memes That’ll Float Your Boat

The Suez Canal is well and truly backed up. Reports indicate that a strong wind pushed the Ever Given container ship too close to one of the banks of the Suez Canal and caused it to run aground. As the bow came to a halt, and the stern continued to move forward, the 56 meter wide vessel pivoted around its bow and ended up stuck sideways across the Suez Canal. While 10% of world trade hangs in a balance, and companies resort to rerouting their fleets round the Horn of Africa like they used to sail 500 years ago, the internet of course has more “pressing” matters at hand. Namely “flooding” the internet with funny Suez Canal Memes or Ever Given Memes.

Authorities have deployed construction equipment, earth removing equipment, and an armada of tug boats, but all efforts seem to be in vain. As you’ll see in some of the funny suez canal memes below, the scale of this stuck vessel dwarfs anything the Egyptians have sent to try to relieve it from its predicament.

Many nations have offered to help the Egyptians in unplugging the Suez Canal, but so far like the canal itself, they’ve resisted all offers of relief.

With a large portion of the world’s population “stuck” in quarantine or social distancing restrictions, we find comfort in knowing that something as big and mighty as a containership can also be stuck in one place for perhaps 14 days or more.

Well without further ado, I won’t get in the way of your misery finding company so you can start enjoying a little schadenfreude, if that’s the sort of thing that floats your boat!

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Clockwise

Getting counterclockwise and clockwise mixed up was what got us into this mess in the first place!

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Big Problems

Big problems, little solutions… Pretty much sums it up.

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Me This Morning

Me this morning.

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Feels Good

Feels good… but didn’t do diddly squat!

Funny Suez Canal Memes  As Trailer Parks Girls Go

And so like those trailer park girls go …. round the outside….round the outside.

Hilarious Funny Suez Canal Memes

Canal pilots… the truth.

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Old Habits Die Hard

Wouldn’t be the first time the Israelis got their hands dirty in the Suez Canal….

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Funny Suez Canal Memes  Whoop Whoop

Whoop whoop!

Funny Suez Canal Memes  The Egypt Drive

That drift looked good in my mind….

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Perspectives


Funny Suez Canal Memes  Wifi

Why won’t this email just send?

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Oh Twitter

Oh Twitter…

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Patience


Funny Suez Canal Memes  Up


Funny Suez Canal Memes  Train Wreck


Funny Suez Canal Memes  So True

So true.

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Appropriate

How appropriate…

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Pg13+

This is a little beyond PG13….

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Friends

Maybe Ross should have stuck to his day job instead of moonlight as a canal pilot?

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Relatable

We can all relate.

Funny Suez Canal Memes  Middle East Middle Earth

Middle East, Middle Earth, who’s keeping track anyway?

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