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20 Snappy and Funny Quotes

Quote Good Health So. Yeah.


Quote Good Looks Ouch.


Quote So Far Watched Good job.


Quote Stay Calm Think harder.


Quote Parents Christmas Poor parents!


Quote She Hit Roof She told you to bounce.


Quote Hypo Likely!


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Quote Seedless Watermelons Right?


Quote 4 5 SufferIt’s all in the phrasing.


Quote Just Saw JK


Quote Starting Diet Better luck next year!


Quote After Long Day For a change.


Quote Okay Sangria Sangria!


Damn It Mirror I Don’t Look Like That In My Head. How dare you.


Quote Takes 400 Selfies So quick and snappy, so random.


Quote Death Of Boredom Stay strong.


Quote Seashells Ahh.


Quote Take ThingsYep!


Quote Dont Kn0W Me I do what I want!


Quote Adult RockHe’s grown.

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