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20 New Inspirational Quotes

You too know how hard it can be to change, don’t you?


Quote BeawildflowerGrow and see what strength you can find in the experience.


Quote Bekind

What are you telling yourself each day? Is it good?


Quote Beyoudoyou

You probably don’t remember to do this much.


Quote Cantbeawesome

Which would you rather spend time doing?


Quote Everydaybetter

How amazing is that?


Quote Overthinking

Overthinking can be our own worst enemy.


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Quote Peaceretraining

It may be hard, but you can do it.


Quote Putonpositivepants

What good will the day bring? It has to be good somewhere.


Quote Tinybuddhae

It seems so simple but can we do it? Certainly we can try every day!


Quote Werise

Remember that when you feel down… you can rise another.


Quote Whenyouhaveabadday

You’ll feel better about it at the end.


Quote Youllruin Just enjoy it, live in the moment and see what can happen.


Quote Tobeginbegin

There’s no perfect time to begin…so just do it.


Quote Uncertainty Isn’t that the fun of life?


Quote Darlingmoon Change is inevitable but you’re still you.


Quote Youmestarstuff Isn’t that beautiful?


Quote Ifitdoesntadd

What is it adding to your life?


Quote Iknowwhoiam

It’s going to be a great adventure!


Quote Fateclock

Fate just simply is.. you can’t predict it..go with it.

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