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Originally posted on December 1, 2016 @ 9:07 am

35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes.

Circle of life.

Don’t be a whiner.

Failure is the most important part of learning.

Find the solution.

Don’t take in water.

Key to life.

Don’t be afraid to let go.

Patience is virtue. Letting go opens doors.

Living vs existing.

Don’t worry.

Conquer your mountains.

Control what you can. The first thing is you.

There are many paths to success.

Know the difference.

Don’t be bounded by rules.

Time solves all.

Change is the only thing that can fulfill a want.

Love yourself now.

Don’t fear change.

Change is constant, and always has its reason.

Let the light in.

Be present.

Resting gives you energy to continue. Quitting wastes all that energy you already put in.

You can’t win a race if you don’t start.

Know yourself by noting the above.

Your attention costs you nothing but is worth everything to someone else.

Give respect to earn respect.

This is how you know you’ve found your passion.

Trading scars for experiences.

Guide to life.

No one was born an expert.

Trust your intuition. It’s your experiences trying to tell you something.

Don’t dwell in your past.

Reminders for life.

Life has no set path.

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