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25 Odd Animal Couples You’ll Find Adorable

Animal Bunnytiger

Having a hopping good time.



Animal OtterlionThis “otter” be a lasting friendship!


Animal Pigdoggie

Just two pals just hamming it up for the camera.


Animal Orangdog

This primate is fully devoted to his pooch pal.



Animal Monkeylion

Stop monkeying around, and take the picture!


Animal Kittenandbernard

She’s got the best seat in the house.


Animal Hippotortoise

A hippo and a tortoise… name a stranger friendship. But it works.


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Animal Goatwolf

In fables, wolves eat goats, but not here. They’re friends!


Animal Elephantandsheep

The sheep and the elephant have some baaaadass adventures.


Animal Dogparrot

Who has a friend? Polly does in this adorable Aussie. 



The Fox and the Hound in real life.


Animal Dogandchicken

These two don’t let their differences stop them from getting along.


Animal Catscopion

They met this scorpion at the insection. 


Animal Catowls

Whoooo are the cutest couple? These two.


Animal Catowl

The Owl and the Pussycat is a famous poem by Lear.. here it is!


Animal Capabarabunny

Capybara’s will socialize with any animal.


Animall Lambcat

This kitty likes to count his — and snuggle with him too.


Animal Turtlecow

This photo is proof that animals truly have connection with one another.


Animal Pigtiger

Tiger, tiger burning bright…is that a pig on your right?



Animal Otterkitten

An otter and a kitten sleeping together. You’re welcome.


Animal Guineadog

They both have fluffy coats, they’re both adorable, I can see why they’re friends!



Animal Goatpig

If he called him a ham, he was only kidding.


Animal Catmonkey

Baboon and kitten share cuddles.


Animal Cathorse

No horsing around here — just two pals enjoying the winter.


Animal Catducklings

Gives new meaning to the book “Are You My Mother?”



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