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Floofy Cats Dogs and Others Things to Make You Laugh

Floofy is a mix between the words flooffy and poofy. The internet coined this word because no other word can be used to describe these floofy dogs, cats, and other things. Whether they are prone to static electricity, or they naturally exude body that hair conditioner manufacturers would kill for, their floofy goodness just make you want to hug them to little tiny bits. 

Floofy Animals - Floofy Cat

Maximum floofiness.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Fox

Foxy floof.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggo 6

Proud to be floofy.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggo 5

Can’t see through the floofiness.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggo 4

Can’t stop petting the floof!

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggo 3

Must blep through the floof.

Floofy Animals - Too Floofy To Move

Such hard work carrying around the floof.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggo2

I’m not sure which is floofier, dog or the snow?

Floofy Animals - Floofy Doggy

I can’t believe my floofiness.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Kitty

But I’m certain of my floofiness.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Alpaca

This alpaca is proud of his coat.

Floofy Animals - Floofy Wolf

This wolf… not so much.


Floofy Animals - Floofy Cat 5

If satan were floofy.

Cat can’t see that he’s floofy.

This doggo is aerodynamically shaped.

This doggo is one silky floof.

Look at those paws!

This cat will try to one up that with its tail!

Grandma dog!

It’s hard work carrying all this fur around.


Same stylish cat with bed head

This girl knows she’s got it.

This kitty is not sure she can have it.


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