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21 Hilariously Relatable Dating Quotes (or Sad Posts) About Dating as a Gen-z or Millennial

Imagine kissing the bride/ groom while your family watches!? Not such relatable quotes.

Forgot the kids because we binge watched murder mysteries on netflix.

In ANY era, when it comes to food NO means YES!

There are many different love languages…

Relatable dating quotes that’s hard to swallow for some: sometimes, it’s not all in the stars.

Dating in your 20’s is just filled with talking stages and “wyd”texts.

How do you marry someone but for fun?

Queens only!

The hilariously sad truth.

Oh… antisocial love stories.

Seriously, standards are very… VERY low.

Again… How do you marry someone for fun AND still keep you side of the house?


Meh, they’re okay in the end.

On second though, we take back the previous caption…

Ghosting is always the solution.

Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world.

To Quarantine couples!

Think about it… just THINK about it…

Here’s to making up fake scenarios in our heads about how our crush and us are going to get married.

It’s just the blind leading the blind out here!

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