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22 Minion Quotes to Crack You Up
Minion Pay Bills

Is this a common problem?

Minion Treat Animals

They love us.

Minion Song Years

This is me with Aqua’s Barbie Girl.

Minon Bs Life

I’d appreciate it.

Minion Lala

It makes it even more funny.

Minion No

I did.



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Minion Love Kill

They bring out the stress.

Minion Temporarily

Or not.

Minion Stress

It can be hard.

Minion Stay Outside

Oh so much.

Minion Short Concentrated Just a fun size package.
Minion Offended

They just match your sarcasm!

Minion Laugh Stomach 1

Like hahahahaha.

Minion Hotel California

Don’t even try.

Minion Hes A Keeper

Oh yeah.

Minion Her Name Mom

Poor Mom.

Minion Friday Weekend 1

Wait, what happened.

Minion Earphones Thanks

Bless those.

Minion Bites You

I planned that.

Minion Bieber

Minions win.

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