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Originally posted on May 1, 2018 @ 1:24 pm

23 Hilarious Funny Church Signs

Funny Church Signs - Apple Terms And Conditions

Adam & Eve
The first people to not read the apple
terms & conditions.

Should’ve never clicked “agree.”

Funny Church Signs - Lent

Lent is coming –
Get your ash in church!

They got jokes that will make you laugh your ash off.

Funny Church Signs - Come To Church

Blah Blah Blah
Just come to church


Funny Church Signs - Favoritism

God shows no favoritism
but our sign guy does –
Go Cubs!

And yes he did.

Funny Church Signs - Divine

He is divine
we are dibranches.


Funny Church Signs - Sins

Bring your sin to the altar
and drop it like it’s hot.

Still works.

Funny Church Signs - Dunkin

We were dunkin long before those donut people.

These one is pretty clever.

Funny Church Sign - Open For Business

We are still open between Christmas and Easter

There if you need them.

Funny Church Signs - Fudge And Church

Our church is like fudge
sweet with a few nuts.

It’s all churches, right?

Hilarious Church Signs - Ac Thief

Whoever stole our AC units…
keep one it is hot where you’re going.


Funny Church Signs - Moses

Don’t give up
Moses was once a basket case.


Funny Church Signs - Noah

I wish noah had swatted those two mosquitoes.


Funny Church Signs - Rain

With all this rain,
we need an ark. Fear not!
(wait for it…)
We noah guy!

Oh Noah you didn’t.

Funny Church Signs - Prayer

Prayer: The only call the government can’t hear.


Hilarious Church Sign - Sleepwalking

What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
A Roamin’ Catholic.

Even the Catholics got puns.

Funny Church Signs - Seven Days

Seven days without prayer
makes one weak.


Funny Church Signs - Hot

Too hot to keep changing sign.
Sin bad Jesus good.
Details inside.

You get the point.

Funny Church Signs - New Management

Under same mgmt.
2000 years.
Building slightly newer.

Nicely done.

Comical Church Signs - Long Time Ago

A long time ago
in a Galilee far far away…

Star War memes meet Church signs.

Funny Church Signs - Noah

Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites.

Honestly, he was.

Funny Church Signs - Thou Shall Not

What part of “Thou shall not” don’t you understand?

Probably a lot.

Funny Church Signs - Burdens

Wrinkled with burdens?
Come to church for a faith lift.

Faith lift.

Funny Church Signs - Walmart

Walmart is not the only saving place.

Saving souls, dropping sins.

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