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23 Hilarious Funny Church Signs

Funny Church Signs  Apple Terms And Conditions

Adam & eve
the first people to not read the apple
terms & conditions.

Should’ve never clicked “agree.”

Funny Church Signs  Lent

Lent is coming –
get your ash in church!

They got jokes that will make you laugh your ash off.

Funny Church Signs  Come To Church

Blah blah blah
just come to church


Funny Church Signs  Favoritism

God shows no favoritism
but our sign guy does –
go cubs!

And yes he did.

Funny Church Signs  Divine

He is divine
we are dibranches.


Funny Church Signs  Sins

Bring your sin to the altar
and drop it like it’s hot.

Still works.

Funny Church Signs  Dunkin

We were dunkin long before those donut people.

These one is pretty clever.

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Funny Church Sign  Open For Business

We are still open between christmas and easter

There if you need them.

Funny Church Signs  Fudge And Church

Our church is like fudge
sweet with a few nuts.

It’s all churches, right?

Hilarious Church Signs  Ac Thief

Whoever stole our ac units…
keep one it is hot where you’re going.


Funny Church Signs  Moses

Don’t give up
moses was once a basket case.


Funny Church Signs  Noah

I wish noah had swatted those two mosquitoes.


Funny Church Signs  Rain

With all this rain,
we need an ark. Fear not!
(wait for it…)
we noah guy!

Oh Noah you didn’t.

Funny Church Signs  Prayer

Prayer: the only call the government can’t hear.


Hilarious Church Sign  Sleepwalking

What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
a roamin’ catholic.

Even the Catholics got puns.

Funny Church Signs  Seven Days

Seven days without prayer
makes one weak.


Funny Church Signs  Hot

Too hot to keep changing sign.
sin bad jesus good.
details inside.

You get the point.

Funny Church Signs  New Management

Under same mgmt.
2000 years.
building slightly newer.

Nicely done.

Comical Church Signs  Long Time Ago

A long time ago
in a galilee far far away…

Star War memes meet Church signs.

Funny Church Signs  Noah

Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites.

Honestly, he was.

Funny Church Signs  Thou Shall Not

What part of “thou shall not” don’t you understand?

Probably a lot.

Funny Church Signs  Burdens

Wrinkled with burdens?
come to church for a faith lift.

Faith lift.

Funny Church Signs  Walmart

Walmart is not the only saving place.

Saving souls, dropping sins.

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