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Originally posted on July 19, 2017 @ 10:03 am

23 Otter Pictures That Prove Otters Are Just Silly Sea Cats

What’s that over there?

Please let me get through this otter chaos.

It tastes like fish!

Someone either ate a bad clam or is playing for the camera.

Get otter here!

You otter know that I’m a real big deal around these parts.

I’m exploding with otter joy over this snow!


You can call us double trouble.

When you think about your otter options, and you ponder your next move.

That’s hilarious! You’re making a splash around this place.

It’s just right…right here..

I broke the scale because I was too cute!

I’ve a spotted otter.

Excuse me, human, might you teach me to dap?

I love glass! I love you people!

This is otterly tasty.

Who sent you, dog?! Where are the clams?

I love you. You’re my otter half.

Don’t you think I’m so cute that you bearly stand it?

Yep, I’m saving the zoo hundreds by offering to clean to the glass myself. No sense of money coming otter their pocket.

Why you! You’re so amazing I’m otter words.

I said no paparazzi, please!

I otter fight you right here, right now!

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