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32 Friday Memes for Anyone Who Wishes it Was Friday and Work Was Over

Finishing A Buzzfeed Quiz At Work Meme

Hold on, boss, I’m just finishing that report.

Little Girl In Pink Dress Collapsed On Floor With Caption Me At Work After 2 Hours

Is it lunchtime yet?

Don'T Think Of You As Coworker Because You Never Do Any Work Meme

You’re just someone in the office to me. By the way, that’s not a good thing.

Rambo Showing Thumbs Up With Caption When Your Boss Asks How You'Re Doing Half Way Through Your Shift

I almost got blown up, but don’t worry, the work will be done!

Woman In Suit Drinking Vodka From Bottle With Caption Coming From Work Like I Deserve A Reward For Not Killing Biachtes

At least I didn’t have the drink at work. I should get credit for that.

South Park Character With Caption Great I'M Finally Home From Work Aaand It'S Bed Time

What a fun long day and exhausting commute. I can’t wait to do it tomorrow!

Old Man Looking Bitter And Twisted With Caption I Used To Be Like You Happy And Full Of Life

Your dreams will soon die, child.

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Minion With Caption The Hardest Part Of My Job Is Being Nice To Stupid People

I have a low supply of energy for stupidity, don’t exhaust it.

Gas Gage With Needle Below Empty With Caption An Accurate Representation Of How Much Energy I Have At Work Today

Somehow I’m going to make it through though.

I Can'T Even Begin To Understand The Depth Of Your Loss Card With Caption This Is How I'M Turning In My 2 Weeks Notice

You know you’ll miss me. I’m EVERYTHING to you.

Nicole Kidman Crying In Car With Caption Me Pulling Into Work Like

I’m so glad I came in five minutes early to allow myself a breakdown before work.

Mean Girls Scene With Caption When My Boss Asks Why I'M Late Again

Like, what do you expect from me?

Woman Laughing Nervously With Caption Coming Back To Work After A 4 Day Weekend

“I’m trapped in a void and I’ll never escape!” – me every day at noon

Woman With Subtitle I Just Need A Damn Cupcake With Caption Me Five Minutes After Getting To Work

But I have to work to afford the cupcake and other food.. it’s a trap!

Wonder Years Meme Parodying Me Walking Into Work Each Morning

Ah yes. Overwhelming sadness was setting in, and I was contemplating leaving again.

Work Great Fall

Well, the only way this week can go from here is up!

Me at Wednesday, 2 pm: *same thing happens*

Meme About A New Person At Work Finally Accept That Job Is Crap With Sith Lord Saying Good Good Let The Hate Flow Through You

We can hate our job and work together!

Meme Showing Tony Blair Taking Selfie With Explosions In Background

AHAHAHAAA. Also…um…they don’t suspect me, do they?

Stewie Saying I Hate This Place With Caption 5 Minutes After Getting To Work Meme

I tried to like it. I did.

Work Song

It’s the song that never ends…

Work Time

Who turned the clock back?!

Work Yell

I’m sorry, I can’t focus on you right now, I’m busy hating my situation.


I hope that’s okay with you, boss.

Amber Work


Lunchbreak Notworking

So I’ll see you…never.

Work Totally

But I don’t want to!

Weekend Work

Why won’t you stay? We could be so happy!

Kermit Late

Sometimes my evil side has a good point.

Work Dead

I’m just as happy as can be, Marge.

Work Dumb

Nothing goes right for me! Why upset the status quo?!


I’m just going to pretend that it’s all good.


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