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25 Funny Shopping Quotes for the Holiday Season

Quote Shopping Cheaper

That’s what many say.

Quote Target Carts

Put them there.

Quote 9 Circles Hell


Quote Start Acting Online

Sounds like a plan.

Quote Cant Think Of Anything 1

Ugh..the worst.

Quote Time Heals All

So make your choice.

Quote If I Dont See

Keep it jolly!

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Quote Only Ask For Toys 1

Santa has spoken.

Quote Pro Tip Holiday 1

Be prepared for that last minute mention!

Quote Marry Someone

They save you so much!

Quote Love This Time 1Mommy hack.

Quote No Thanks Black Friday

How it’s supposed to be!

Quote Heartwarming Family

Every year.

Quote Spends Hours

All worth it.

Quote Whenever Grocery

They are mystified.

Quote Cyber Monday

Gaming the system.

Quote Left My Shopping List

Better luck next time.

Quote Only Kind Of Shopping

The only kind.

Quote Be Shopping Over

An eternal mystery.

Quote Bad Day

The fix.

Quote Wife Sends Me Link

We make it easy.

Quote Five Stages

Just like the AA.

Quote High To Low

Keep dreaming.

Quote Shopping 100

Growing up.

Quote Rationalize Shop

Hey it’s a need.

Quote Replace Cart Wheels 1

Do shopping carts deserve retirement?

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