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25 Funny Trump Covid Positive Memes That’ll Break the Internet

Well it’s official. President Donald Trump has COVID (a.k.a corona virus), and First Lady Melania is also officially COVID positive. Trump has declared that he and the first lady will be isolating and begin treatment for COVID-19. Given the controversial and chaotic stance that Trump has taken on the Coronavirus, it took no time at all for the world to show no mercy, and create memes which flourish under search terms like Trump COVID positive memes, Trump has corona memes, and Trump COVID memes.

So just as you should with any indulgences such as corona beers, or Trump corona memes, please enjoy them responsibly.

Trump Covid Memes  Kanye'S Expression Turns Serious When He Realizes President He Could Actually Be President

The sh*t is gettin’ real for Kanye after hearing Trump has COVID in this meme!

Trump Covid Memes  Biden And Moderator Have Uneasy Smile After Hearing That Trump Has Covid


Trump Covid Memes  Fauci Looking Smug After Hearing Trump Has Covid

That’ll teach him for cuttin’ me off.

Trump Covid Meme  Hope Hicks With 'You'Re Fired' Labeled Over Her After Trump Gets Covid

Funny Trump COVID Meme that shows all “Hope” is lost…

Trump Covid Memes  Leonardo Dicaprio Laughing Sarcastically Saying Americans Will Stand Together With Trump After Trump Gets Covid

We’ll get through it together, just socially distanced…

Trump Covid Positive Memes  Car Veering Off Road Meme With Car Labeled Trump And Off Ramp Labeled Covid 19 Positive

That happened almost as quick as Trump has covid memes hit the internet!

Trump Covid Positive Memes  Meme With Trump Looking Smug With Caption If Trump Doesn'T Die From Covid, He'S Going To Say Covid Was A Hoax.

He’ll repeatedly claim that he’s tough on China because he beat the Chinese Virus!

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Trump Has Covid Meme  Meme Showing Trump Nervously Choosing Between Inject Self With Lysol And Shine Uv Light In Lungs After He Gets Covid.

That is an executive decision that can’t be taken lightly!

Trump Covid Memes  Meme Showing Someone Laughing And Then Looking Nervous Captioned By Biden After Hearing Trump Got Covid And Then Realizing He Was On Stage With Him 2 Days Ago.

Haaaa! Doh!

Trump Covid Memes  Picture Of Trump Talking To Trudeau Captioned By Asking Justin How He Didn'T Catch Covid From His Wife.

The Canadian CDC officially recommends Glory Holes for Safe Sex during Covid 19!

Trump Has Corona Meme  Kermit Giving A Matter Of Fact Look Captioned Trump Got Covid After Roasting Biden For Wearing A Mask.

What was it they say about words coming back to bite you in the a**?

Trump Covid Meme  Child Laughing Hysterically Captioned By Did Trump Just Test Positive ... After Calling Covid A Hoax?

Now that’s one of the best funny Trump has covid memes I’ve seen!

Trump Covid Meme Showing Sponge Bob Waiting With An Open Coffin Captioned By 'Trump: I Have Covid&Quot; And Twitter: The Picture

Just waiting…

Trump Has Covid Meme  Picture Of Trump Looking Like The Hulk With Needles Stuck Into Him Filled With Lysol

I’ll be the first to take it!

Trump Covid Memes  Meme Showing Someone Taking Their Temperature With A Thermometer Showing A Clown Captioned By Donald Trump Checking His Temperature After Getting Covid19.

This reading is kinda funny…

Trump Covid Positive Memes  Photo Of Biden Who Can'T Help Laughing Captioned By Getting On Twitter To See That Trump And Melania Caught Covid.

Laughing at people’s misfortune is terrible really terrible!!

Trump Has Covid Memes  Trump Faking Covid?

Could he be faking it till he makes it?

Trump Covid Positive Memes  Photo Of Trump Looking Catatonic Captioned By When The Doctor Told Trump He Had Covid 19.

Shock and awe!

Funny Trump Covid Memes  Photo Of Trump Sipping Lysol Captioned By What I'M Doing The Next 14 Days.

Since the president declared that he and Melania will be isolating and treating COVID, we all know what that means…

Funny Trump Corona Memes  Photo Of Trump Looking Grim Captioned By &Quot;Trump Tests Positive For Covid19 Along With First Lady Melania.&Quot;

Wearing a mask is no joke!

Trump Covid Memes  Photo Of Melania About To Give Justin A Kiss Captioned With &Quot;Opposites Attract&Quot;.

This could be a fatal attraction.

Trump Covid Meme  Photo Of Boris And Donald Shaking Hands Captioned By &Quot;Proof We Have A Special Relationship... We Both Tested Positive For Covid&Quot;.

I guess they should have done a fist bump for the photo op?

Funny Trump Corona Meme  Photo Of Trump Holding A Signed Legislation Titled &Quot;My Covid Test Had The Best Possible Result. It Was Positive.&Quot;

He did have the most positive result possible!

Trump Covid Memes  Birther'S Revenge

Did Trump lie about getting COVID just so he can miraculously recover from it and gain popularity?…

Trump Covid Memes  Photo Of Trump Pointing To Melania Captioned With &Quot;She'S Got The Biggest Most Beautiful Covid Infection.&Quot;

This is the biggest most beautiful collection of Trump covid positive memes… guaranteed!

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