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25 Great Bujo Ideas and Pages for Bullet Journaling

Great bujo ideas to choose for your sleep tracker.

Try doing a line a day page each month is a great bujo idea for aspiring writers.

Don’t forget to try a cute mood tracker bujo page.

Keep your year in lyrics.

Make a reflection for the year before.

You can make your bujo habits tracker for the month as intricate or minimal as you want.

Here’s a gorgeous time-blocked week.

A currently page is a great bujo page idea!

Bujo ideas to start your year – a cover page and a good quote.

How about making an about me bujo page?

Here’s another great bujo weekly page idea.

State your word, make it part of your page.

This is a nice way to get all of your information for the week at a glance. Track spending, quotes, tasks, and more.

Mix in photos with your weekly and daily bujo pages.

Spending logs can come in any form. Here’s one of the best bujo ideas for spending in a categorized version.

Year in pixels is a way to visualize your year.

Keep your wish list handy so you can make savings plans.

Here’s a wonderful list of bujo pages.

Break down your organization and tidying by room or project, then track how many things you toss.

If you want a good key, here’s one with some practical symbols.

A beautiful gratitude log will help you keep a positive outlook.

State the goals of the year loud and clear.

And make them for the month too!

Every bujo page can use a marker or pen page.

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