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TFB Short Clips

25 Minion Memes and Quotes to Enjoy
Minion Testimony

Keep going. You’re still here.

Minion Life Ironic Isn’t it ironic?
Minion Sample Coffee is a wonder drug.
Minion Test 2 You do.
Minion Just Remember I was!
Minion Pizza SkinnyOh what a power.
Quote Borrow Stuff Stop it.
Minion People Dont Like YouIt bugs them a lot!
Minion Growing Old 1 Sadly.
Minion Women Cell PhonesSounds right.
Minion NoseOh.
Minion Cant Sleep Why?
Minion True Relationship No lies!
Minion Test Don’t you feel that way?
Minion Ruin My DayLa la la!
Minion People Like You don’t!
Minion Need Money Nope.
Minion I Can Breathe I can!
Minion Give Broken?
Minion Fashion StyleAnd is it clean…
Minion 3 AmI WAS asleep.

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